Friday, May 17, 2013

Patheos changed its combox...

Anyone who uses Disqus for comments - for some reason I cannot comment or view comments at your sites.  Does anyone know why?  One site said I needed to change my browser and I don't want to do that - so I can't/don't comment.

It's all good however - I don't care - but I don't want people like Crescat and Mrs. Idaho Potato to think I'm ignoring them either.

That's all poodles.


  1. Well, glad to hear it's not just meeeeee....

    I know you're around. I feel your presence in my fingertips. They tingle...

  2. Thanks Adrienne. I don't understand why I can't comment with the browser I have. Perhaps some tech could help me. My laptop does weird things when I'm on the Patheos site now as well.

  3. My laptop does weird stuff when I go to the big prolife websites. Somebody is tracking and taking notes, probably?

  4. Gette - I thought that too - also I think it is all the ads on some of the sites.

  5. I've got problems, with Disqus too even.


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