Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Self Loathing and the Culturally-correct Gay-elite

Bret Easton Ellis said it first.

And I agree.  Gay has become culturally homogenized.  Now with gay marriage on the books, it's Ozzie and Harriet-ized.  I've said similar things for years - remember, I've been blogging for seven, so I can say that.  When you say that stuff, or level charges of immorality against anything gay - you are automatically labeled 'self-loathing'.  Why?  because gay is so damned good and you better like it. 

Catholic 'gay-elites' spin it a bit differently - but they still spin it. 

So what did Bret Easton Ellis really say?
Novelist and prolix Twitterer Bret Easton Ellis is raising hackles once again by labeling such organizations as GLAAD as "the gatekeepers of politically correct gayness" in a long editorial in Out Magazine. Ellis invited further response to his argument by announcing an AMA ("ask me anything") on Reddit, to be held at noon Pacific time today.

The Out rant, titled "In the Reign of the Gay Magical Elves," was prompted in part by the media response to the recent coming out of basketball player Jason Collins, whom Ellis writes is being treated "as some kind of baby panda who needs to be honored and consoled and -- yes -- infantilized."
Ellis goes on to criticize "gay self-patronization in the media," which in his opinion celebrates "the Gay Man as Magical Elf, who whenever he comes out appears before us as some kind of saintly E.T. whose sole purpose is to be put in the position of reminding us only about Tolerance."

At fault, according to Ellis, are organizations that marginalize the gay man "who doesn't want to represent, doesn't want to teach" and who "makes crude jokes about other gays in the media (as straight dudes do of each other constantly)." This, Ellis writes, amounts to "corporate PC fascism." - LATimes
Ellis writes a critique and he's called self-loathing.  I simply loath the condition - not the person.

Ellis directs his critique against secular homosexual culture, nevertheless, there really is an emerging PC way of talking about all things gay-ssa amongst 'gay' Catholics - and there really are 'gatekeepers', if you will.  I'm not talking Courage or NARTH people here either.  To be sure, Ellis probably wouldn't agree with any of them, and for sure, he'd never agree with my POV.

What's my point?  Going forward, I want to publish some information a friend sent me regarding science and sexual orientation.  For now, I just want to add a quote from the same resource:
Homosexuality, as a genetic inevitability, has probably been gay activism’s most effective PR initiative in the campaign for equal rights and special protections. Although it is no longer politically correct or fashionable in many circles to say that homosexuals can change, it is scientifically accurate to say so. We are not speaking only of behavioural changes but changes in attraction.
The fact is that nothing makes us do anything—neither our genes nor our environment. - Source

"Although it is no longer politically correct or fashionable in many circles to say that homosexuals can change, it is scientifically accurate to say so."  I'm convinced it can be spiritually accurate to say so too.

Editor's note:  This comes off sort of 'out of the blue', I'm sure.  How do I make these connections?  Arrive at my conclusions?  I hope I can explain going forward.

In the meantime, my apologies for dwelling on the homosexual issue, I'm more or less responding to the recent developments regarding gay marriage in Minnesota and the initial consequence of cultural approval for homosexual sexual relations and behaviour.

These are the consequences BTW.

With gay marriage approved, homosexual sexual behavior is approved.  Gay Catholics are already talking about living within that reality - in other words, on another level, accepting it, and developing a gay spirituality.  That's huge ladies and gentlemen.  That's huge, moms and dads and teachers and pastors. 

It's huge.



  1. I did not think this came out of the blue. In fact, it summed up just what I was thinking as I read that Jason Collins received a phone call from the President of the United States of America congratulating him on, what it seems like at least, being gay. I asked the other day in a department meeting if people who are homosexual cannot be enormous dillweeds as well. I do not know if I will still have a job next week. *shrugging* I appreciated your insight, Terry.

  2. As the mother of a "gay" child I'm with you entirely Terry...

    I do wonder myself what causes it

    I think there may be a genetic component which I spose above rules out..

    Also family dysfunction/addiction/mental health issues and the bond with the same-sex parent

    Also personality

    Also cultural/environmental...

    i don't blame myself & my child is a gift not a punishment..

    still pondering..

  3. It's nothing more than projection. Gays are some of the most self-loathing individuals you will ever meet - it tends to come with the teritory.

    I was going to ask you, Terry (which is why I asked if you had an email, but I guess I'll ask you here...), did you hear about the recent conversion of Jake Genesis (a gay porn star. Former cop. Was even training to become a Catholic priest).

    He wrote a letter of apology on his website:

    Some good news for a change.

    I don't think the news has broken out in the Catholic blogosphere yet, but I imagine he could use our prayers.

  4. also peer relationships, which may have more to do w/it than parental relationships (or lack thereof). as far as genes, i think there's evidence for a genetic predisposition to certain characteristics like hyper-sensitivity, artistic, etc., ...

    Burgo: "I asked the other day in a department meeting if people who are homosexual cannot be enormous dillweeds as well." LOL. I can assure you that yes, a dillweed is a dillweed. That's not to say a dillweed cannot change and become perfectly kind and genteel. After all, grace abounds the more sin is there.

    Hope in God. I will praise Him still, my savior and my God.

  5. An interesting element of this discussion is that those who don't support gay rights constantly refer to "emotions" as the driving force behind the movement, as many now have out family members. What seems to be ignored is that many who oppose gay rights also do so based upon emotions-- bad past experiences, failure to deal personally, etc.

  6. source:
    Science and homosexuality | genes and homosexuality | Are brains gay?| What causes homosexuality, lesbianism?|Download the book, My Genes Made Me Do It!|Twin Studies|nature/nurture?|Hormones| brain structure|Can sexual orientation change?

    This is a summary of more than 20 years of scientific research into homosexuality. It draws on more than 10,000 scientific papers and publications from all sides of the debate.

    The research is orthodox, and objective.

    It is essentially a summary of our book, My Genes Made Me Do It! - a scientific look at sexual orientation(published USA, 1999, revised 2010 and kept current on this website. )

    * SSA is shorthand for Same Sex Attraction, OSA for Opposite Sex Attraction

    Those researchers who know most about genes and SSA say “Your genes did not make you do it”. Let’s review the evidence bearing in mind that many of the following arguments apply to all human behaviours. These summary statements are much more deeply explored in each chapter.


    The huge amount of change in sexual orientation is one of the clearest evidences that homosexuality is not hard-wired by genes or anything in the biological environment.

    Large studies now show that ....

  7. Some Random Guy, Jake Genesis (or as I learned after reading the article you linked to, Jake Floyd) of course can use our prayers; everyone can use prayers. However, there is apparently a great deal more to that story and his public apology, so I am not certain it is wise for people to start using his story as testimony.

    On another note, after reading the queerty article and the 53 or so comments after it, it was enlightening to see that catholic/christian blog comment boxes don't hold the monopoly on being "hate filled self-righteous cess pools". What?

  8. PML - that resource (you sent me) is invaluable and makes perfect sense. I also agree with one of the conclusions I will repreint here:

    The huge amount of change in sexual orientation is one of the clearest evidences that homosexuality is not hard-wired by genes or anything in the biological environment.

    Large studies now show that:

    For adults:
    •About half of those with exclusive SSA move towards heterosexuality over a lifetime. Put another way, 3% of the practising heterosexual population (both men and women) claim to have once been either bisexual or homosexual.
    •These changes are not therapeutically induced, but happen “naturally” in life, some very quickly.
    •Most changes in sexual orientation are towards exclusive heterosexuality.
    •Numbers of people who have changed towards exclusive OSA are greater than current numbers of bisexuals and exclusive SSA people combined. In other words, “Ex-gays outnumber actual gays.”
    •Exclusive OSA is 17 times as stable as exclusive SSA for men, and 30 times as stable as exclusive SSA for women. (Women move about more in their sexual orientation than men.)

    Thanks for sending the data in the first place - it reinforces my conviction regarding the possibilities of change - a concept so much opposed and feared by homosexual activists - and gay Catholics.

  9. Thom - my response has nothing to do with emotions - believe me.

    1. I didn't mean to imply that that was true in your case, Terry.

  10. Thanks Thom - I wasn't being combative however. I think my comments are coming off that way.

  11. Random Guy my email is tjdotnelsonathotmaildotcom.

    Thanks for the news on Genesis - never heard of him before, but praise God for his conversion.

  12. Jackie - it isn't the parent's fault - even if the parent-child relationship was difficult.

    Prayers, as always -



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