Monday, May 13, 2013

Today, Minnesota approved gay 'marriage'.

With deafening cheers and overwhelming emotion, the Minnesota Senate voted 37-30 to legalize same-sex marriage. “Today, love wins,” said Sen. Tony Lourey, DFL-Kerrick. - StarTrib


  1. “Today, love wins"


  2. At this point, the only reason God would forgive this nation- after, you know, millions of murdered children, messing around with nature and creating life out of three parents, gay fictional marriage, you know, calling evil good and good evil- the only way God forgives us is if we pull a Nineveh and put on sackcloth and fast and ask for it.

    I don't see that happening, so, for my own spiritual health, I don't pray for God's protection for this country anymore. I pray for the conversion of sinners, especially family, friends, and any enemies, I pray for the souls in purgatory and ask them to remember my family, my friends, and any enemies, as well as myself. Also, don't forget to offer Masses for those in your life, living or dead. A saint, whose name escapes me right now, taught that offering a Mass for a person while they are still alive is worth a hundred Masses offered after their death. Or something like that. :-)

    This nation has had several wake up calls over the past few years, but our response is to keep our heads in the sand. Many, many rosaries, penances, and especially Masses must be done. We must work on conversion conversion conversion.

    God Bless, Terry! Christus Victor!
    (I hope that's right any of you Latin aficionados out there)

  3. I just don't think there's anything more to be sad after Adrienne and steven's comments except *ditto*

  4. Steven - I totally agree with you. Thanks very much.

  5. Today, love wins...

    Tomorrow, freedom loses.

    I'm with Steve - no longer going to pray for this country's protection. It needs a purification - the stench is thick.


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