Monday, May 13, 2013

Pope Francis at the March for Life.

Habaemus papam!

Pro-lifers who had just finished the third annual Italian March for Life on Sunday were surprised to see Pope Francis coming toward them in the popemobile.

“It was a great joy for us because we didn’t expect this at all, we just expected his message,” said March for Life organizer Virginia Coda Nunziante.

“It was extraordinary because I met the people who unexpectedly saw him coming,” she told CNA on May 13.

The popemobile brought the Pope down the first block of Via della Conciliazione after he finished his first canonization Mass and the weekly Regina Caeli prayer on Sunday.

May 12 was also the day that around 20,000 pro-lifers from Italy and beyond converged on Rome to defend the unborn and call for an end to abortion in the country. - A Catholic View
This story gives me hope.  Some day perhaps the Holy Father will lead the march in procession with the Blessed Sacrament.


  1. Terry, I'll betcha that next year he does exactly that. And, for the rest of this year, I think we will see more and more what a Holy, wonderful man this pope is. I think about what Pope Benedict said early in his papacy, about the Church becoming a smaller Church, but with everyone 'on the same page', I can not remember exactly what he said. It was here we clearly a minority, Within the Church as well as without. The speed and thoroughness with which the left has Totally Taken Over is shocking to me - All of this stuff, the gay 'marriage' thing, et al - continues to just....blow my mind. It is like watching a giant moral tsunami, millions drowning beneath it, all unaware....all going about their daily lives, convicted with the most bizarre beliefs, shocked and enraged that others don't agree with them....It is actually frightening to me. oh - are we really a minority within the Church ? I don't know.


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