Monday, August 27, 2012

Methinks some people protest too much.

You know...

Gosh!  No wonder people don't like gay people - sometimes it seems as if all they do is whine... 

"Oh! I'm so depressed."
 "I just wanna be ___." 
  "I can't be... like... that...  
like you..."  
"I just want to be normal!" 
"No I don't!"   
"Yes - I do!"  
"No - I don't!"

Snap out of it!


  1. I'm so tired of hearing it too. So many of them in between whining waste their lives away with alcohol and/or drug abuse chasing phantoms of the "perfect man" around the world to "fulfill them." Then when that doesn't work out (which it never does) they cry about it and feel sorry for themselves. I have yet to meet a happy one. Van den Aardweg was right they spend too much time fantasizing.

    1. Van den Aardweg is the best I have read to date.

      BTW - I have comment moderation on - deluged with spammers lately.

    2. Hi Servus, I'm Thom. Now you've met a happy one.

      Terry, perhaps the spammers are persecuting you like they're persecuting someone else. You might need to start blocking IP ranges.

    3. Thom - I did not have you in mind with this post BTW. Not at all.

      Actually, in my case the spammers are probably friends of you know who. LOL!

  2. Thom,

    I am pleased to make your acquaintance and even happier to know that there are men who self identify as gay who aren't addicted to alcohol, drugs, anonymous sex, or feel sorry for themselves and complain ad nauseum. Do any of you know any men who self identify as gay who are like that?

    1. I know some guys like that.

      Thom's a faithful Catholic BTW.

    2. I know and have known lots of guys (and gals) like that. I am not questioning Thom's sincerity or faithfulness.

    3. I thought you must know people like that too - I just mentioned that about Thom since some readers get the wrong impression about him - he's a good guy.

    4. Thom strikes me as a man without guile. Which reminds me of the meditation from St Bartholomew's day in Magnificat. That was a really good one. I need to copy that and put it in my prayer book.

  3. +JMJ+

    I love this new Narcissus! =D

    (But not as much as he loves himself . . .)


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