Thursday, August 30, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! Mitt Romney Accepts the GOP Nomination for President of the United States!

Wow!  I never saw that one coming!


  1. Whoa! Huge surprise...

  2. Not a Ron Paul fan at all, but I found it amusing and troubling that the convention changed its own rules on the spot every time Paul's supporters brought forth petitions and the like.

    My prediction? Romney will help get people working again, and he will sell the pro-lifers and social conservatives down the river.

    1. Merc - were you flooded out? You're in Hyannis Port, right? Europe is a country, right?


      So anyway - good catch about Ron Paul supporters. Fringe.

      I'm fine with Romney - but you may be right. My gut tells me he's going to be another Nixon - but what do I know?

  3. Nixon is about right, but Nixon as president, not Nixon-as-focus-of-scandal. I think he'll stay away from price controls.

    The only areas that were flooded were those directly on the Gulf or on Lake Pontchartrain, or along some minor rivers. Baton Rouge is on "high ground" (for Louisiana, that is), so we just got a lot of crap in the streets and some people lost power. That's how it goes in BR, especially for a baby hurricane like Isaac.

    Those areas most people saw flooded on the news btw are the communities outside of New Orleans's major levee system. New Orleans didn't really flood. They really shouldn't have for Katrina, either. It was human failure, not nature, that caused that to become such a major disaster, starting with the Army Corps of Engineers using sand as a building material for levees.


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