Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't drink and drive...

I knew one Archbishop who did and the only way he was stopped was by driving into a convenience store wall...

Fortunately, the new Archbishop of San Francisco was stopped by the police before he got that far...
The newly appointed archbishop of San Francisco was arrested for DUI over the weekend. Police in San Diego say Bishop Salvatore Cordileone was arrested over the weekend for driving under the influence. Police say it happened in San Diego's College District just before 12:30 Saturday morning. - Source
If this is true, it's too bad - it's this kind of thing that makes mothers MADD.  St. Monica wept for years, but after her son became a bishop he pretty much straightened himself out.   Mothers, weep for your children.

I think it was Fr. Hardon who felt priests should abstain from drink.

Thom alerted me to the story.  I replied, "Holy shit!"


  1. Oh, mercy, just, oh mercy...

  2. Holy Shit!

    .....not that I like to start conspiracies, but it is possible he was being followed closer than average citizens because of his views on marriage.

  3. The worst part????? He's one of my Bishball bishops. Arrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!! I just found out about this not 15 minutes ago. After picking my jaw up off my keyboard, I started to laugh. I think I need a Valium...

  4. They are for sure gunning for him. It seems wise to wait until we hear the whole story. I suspect we aren't hearing the real story. I wouldn't be surprised if someone tried to physically harm him. He will be under attack. Has been since he was named. He is a marked man, in a sense. This is a priest who surely needs our prayers. Big time.

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM

    It doesn't matter if certain people were "keeping a special eye on him", drinking an driving is inexcusible and I wouldn't be surprised if Pope B pulls back this "promotion" to San Fran- if you can call that appointment anything but suffering, many people were hoping noble- but will he have any credibility now with anyone in San Fran when he preaches about morality- I suspect not. It will be interesting to see how the Vatican does respond.

    1. Seriously? What makes you think he had credibility with San Francisco's dissidents before? This should enhance his credibility with them. If you recall, the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. He made a mistake. Period. It doesn't mean he's no longer fit to be a bishop! It wouldn't disqualify him from being canonized should his cause ever be opened. All it means is that he has another cross to bear; people pointing at him and saying he's unworthy. He's been to Mass. He already knows that.

  6. Oh my! dad told us growing up:

    you kids leave this house you better keep your noses clean and I don't want to hear you didnt! that's all I got to say about that deal!

    This isn't keeping your nose clean.


  8. Adrienne: You are too funny ;) Just a valium? In all seriousness, it is no accident that this has happened. The enemy is surely working overtime to undermine his efforts on the sanctity of marriage. Check this out:

    A Shepherd's Voice sacrifice for priests. repeat.


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