Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't go to strangers.

'Inside... filled with dead men's bones.'

"From deceitful and cunning men rescue me, O God." - Ps 43

Yesterday I spoke with a very good priest - a priest who actually has a job - he's a pastor of a parish.  The priest doesn't have a blog, nor does he follow or read blogs - he's too busy.  This priest is in very good standing with the Archbishop and the archdiocese.  He is very solid, very devout, a very Roman Catholic priest - some would say orthodox, others would say traditional, I would say faithful. 

My advice to confused Catholics, not the ones who know everything, but ordinary Catholics who strive to be faithful and seek Jesus:  Don't go to strangers on the Internet.  Seek spiritual direction from a good Catholic priest, one who is faithful to the Magisterium.  For questions of doctrine and Church teaching, get yourself a catechism.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church is available online.  It is important to know your faith, no doubt about it, catechetics-theology is important, but without love, it is hollow.  For the ordinary Catholic, the Catechism of the Catholic Church is an excellent way to come to know and understand the faith.

When in doubt, consult your parish priest, or a priest you know is solid, or call your chancery.  Don't go to strangers or depend upon online evangelists.  

And pray.


  1. very good and timely advice.

  2. Very good advice.

  3. I needed it. Thanks.

  4. One caveat: I was once in a position where I could not go to my pastor with my problems because he was the one causing the problems. I didn't know any of the other priests in my town and did not know who I could turn to for reliable, sane counsel. I asked a priest who writes a blog for advice, and he was helpful.

    But in general, yes, go to your parish priest. I live in a new town now, and I know many of the priests here. I've been to confession with five different priests in five months, and every one of them has been really great.

    1. Jane - very good point. Some people run into to things like that. Internet priests can be very helpful in that regard.


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