Thursday, March 29, 2012

"We can't back down."

“Every great movement in American history has been driven by people of religious conviction,” Dolan said.And if we duct-tape the churches Im just not talking about the Catholic Church — if we duct-tape the role of religion and the churches and morally convinced people in the marketplace, thats going to lead to a huge deficit, a huge void. And there are many people who want to fill it up — namely, a new religion called secularism which would be as doctrinaire and would consider itself as infallible as they caricature the other religions doing. So to see that morally driven, religiously convinced people want to exercise their political responsibility, I think that is not only at the heart of Biblical religion, its at the heart of the American enterprise.”  - Cardinal Dolan


  1. "And there are many people who want to fill it up..."

    Yep ... a long list who are already actively positioning for the position ... yep

  2. I couldn't agree more.


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