Monday, March 26, 2012

So gay really is normal then? SS marriage will be permitted by the Catholic Church?

They're working on it.

In the not too distant future, as we evolve nearer towards ‘synergistic convergence’, it's going to come close...
"I am greatly pleased when I see the Church, in its members, if not yet in its hierarchy, coming to recognise that there is no good reason to deprive same-sex couples of access to civil marriage. However, I think it is far from obvious how we, as Church, should celebrate these acts of union liturgically: whether in a rite that is similar or analogous to that for the sacrament of matrimony, or with something rather different. And I don’t think it will be obvious for some time." - Fr. James Alison

Photo: James Alison, Robert Pierson, OSB, Michael Bayly at St. John's Abbey, Collegeville, MN


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  2. We can take comfort in knowing that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church.

    And so in turn, the Church shall continue always to recognize sexual disorder for what it is.

    Like the heretics who have come before, they too shall fade away.

  3. St. Johns Abby isn't a bastion of orthodoxy, and isn't exactly thriving vocations wise. I wonder why.

  4. Unfortunately the abbey is too rich and powerful to suppress - as if anyone would ever do that anyway.

  5. When I was a child we had this very large oddly green plastic bowl which we called the barf-bowel.

  6. Well, on the bright side, I am starting to get on handle on the meaning of the GREAT APOSTACY, you know, what it look like. When they start smashing the altars, we will yearn, with nostalgia, for these halycion days.

  7. Maria - surely you must believe though that things in the Church are getting better than they were in the 70s, 80s, even 90s, though, huh? It seems to me that this crap is not as common among the younger generation of priests and bishops a it once was.

    Also, remember that this stuff is mostly a phenomenon of the Church is the US and Europe, but not in this place where the Church is growing exponentially. I think it's no surprise that many churchmen drank the kool-aid of tge decadent modern West.

    And also, this may not even be tge greatest apostasy ever - for most of history, most bishops and cardinals were worldly men who often cared more for the Zeitgeist than the Church. Remember that with the sole exception of John Fisher, all English bishops followed Henry VIII. The great heresies came and went, and took many souls, but the Church survived.


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