Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sensus Fidelium: That's what he said.

Australian Bishop Robinson referred to it yesterday in Chicago - sensus fidelium - stating the post-Vatican II Catholic Church should have been guided by it... and evidently -  the time is now at hand.

So what is it?  Pius IX and Pius XII referred to it in the promulgation of the Marian dogma of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption, respectively.  What it means is explained here:
A Contemporary Catechism of the Teachings of the Catholic Church, Fr. Hardon explains that:

"Those who believe, and insofar as they believe, are one community not only or mainly because they subjectively believe but because what they believe is objectively true, indeed is the Truth that became man and dwelled among us. Against this background, it is easier to see what universal agreement among the faithful must mean. They are faithful insofar as they are agreed on the truth, where the source of their agreement is not a semantic use of the name 'Christian' or 'Catholic,' but the deeply interior adherence to what God has revealed.

Consequently, whether they realize it or not, all who agree on the revealed truth, under the guidance of the sacred magisterium, belong to the faithful. Their agreement on the truth and allegiance to the magisterium gives them universality, i.e., spiritual unity. The truth interiorly possessed gives them consensus, and not the other way around, as though their consensus on some doctrine made it true." (pp. 226-227) - Source
Today, those who dissent from Catholic teaching often claim the same right, as this site explains:
As those of you who read the so-called Catholic newspapers and journals will know, it is a favourite ploy of dissenters to misinterpret the “sensus fidelium” (the sense of the faithful) to mean “democratic consensus” in matters of faith and morals. - Catholic Truth
The 'new' sensus fidelium is rather convincing to many Catholics.  You say no?  You think it is nothing to worry about?  You think we have strong courageous JPII-Benedict XVI bishops and priests to stand up and defend the faithful remnant of Catholics who accept Church teaching?  You are full of crap.

Bishop Robinson is attracting many priests and religious and lay activists to his speaking engagements.  These people teach your kids.  These people attract fellow dissenting Catholics, as well as make sense to liberal 'Novus Ordo' Catholics - who happen to be the norm in the United States, BTW.  Some folks demean them as CINOs - Catholics In Name Only.  Although Capri-panted Sr. Religious Ed at your parish sympathizes with them - and believes in the democratic, non-patriarchal notion of sensus fidelium.

Indeed, to give credit where credit is due, right here in Minnesota there is a formidable group of dissenting priests and religious and lay activists, working tirelessly over the years - indeed for decades - to change the Church from within.  They're here and they claim to be the sensus fidelium.

 This is the living word...
. . . That's how one participant describes Catholics for Marriage Equality MN's ongoing series of Lenten prayer vigils at the chancery offices of the Archdiocese of St. Paul-Minneapolis.

"The Living Word." It's a beautiful and appropriate description, as those who gather each Sunday in solidarity with their LGBT brothers and sisters embody Jesus' example of radical inclusivity, compassion and justice-making.

The primary purpose of the vigils is to gather Catholics and other people of good will to pray for Archbishop Nienstedt. Specifically, we pray that he may choose to redirect his energies and the financial resources of the Archdiocese away from the divisive ‘marriage amendment’ and toward actions that reflect Jesus' Gospel call to care for the poor and marginalized.

The vigil also provides an opportunity for Catholics to pray that the archbishop and all the bishops of Minnesota may be open to the love and beauty embodied in same-sex relationships and families. Many who gather also pray that the bishops may be open to the experiences and insights of the majority of U.S. Catholics who support civil marriage rights for same-sex couples. - Michael Bayly, Sensus Fidelium Blog
Queering the Church just ain't a blog title. What will you say to your son or daughter when they tell you they think they are gay or want to marry someone of the same sex?

Photo Credit: Michael Bayly, Catholics for Marriage Equality 


  1. Terry, the Popes DO stand against this crap. Can they do everything? No. Have popes ever gotten rid of all bad bishops and priests? Nope.

    And you disproved your own point later on when you mentioned Archbishop Nienstedt and the hate directed against him.

    There ARE good priests and the ARE good bishops. Whether they constitute a majority in the pampered and secular West is another question altogether.

  2. Capri-panted Sr. Religious Ed at your parish

    LOL. Dear Lord, we pray, that Sr. Capri Pants might take her "lived experience" elsewhere, in Jesus' name, we pray.

  3. Maria, you just showed up because he quoted Fr. Hardon :)

    I wish I could have known a priest like him. There's an apologist online named Dave Armstrong who was actually brought into the Church by him and knew him personally. Also, the editor of Crisis magazine, John Zmirak, knew him and was taught by him.

    How cool would that be?

  4. I know, Mercury, I like to think I will meet him in Heaven and can thank him for everything he has done for me. This passage is, like everything else he wrote, so razor sharp clear. I have seen Dave's blog and know his story btw.
    I awakened, very early, to Card Burke giving a talk on martyrdom, well, quoting Hardon. I could almost quote him together w/ Burke. Something about the way he put words together --they get etched in my brain.

    Terry--great post. Malachi Martin makes much of how the Jebbies appropriated all of the Catholic lexicon to ascribe spurious meaning. Unfortunately, they gave lessons to all the Srs. of the Order of Unholy Apostacy , and sundry heretics; It is, of course, detestable. Was there another age that so widely ambraced these sins of percersion in the way that our age now does? In this way?

  5. What is percersion? :)

    Maria, be aware though that the Church is not limited to the Western World. I think what we are witnessing is a dying West that will need to be re-evangelized from the outside.

    Also, there have been other times when evil and heresy swept through the Church - in the end the Church is always stronger for having done battle with particular heresies.

  6. It was my understanding that the Miles Christi priests came to the archdiocese of Detroit because of Father Hardon. If anyone is looking for the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola the Miles Christi priests preach these an have days of recollection around the USA. I pray that this wonderful group of priests grow with many holy vocations. I am very impressed with their work.

  7. Merc-"perversion". I can't type. My Mother always told me I would need to know how to type. I refused to learn how, lol.

    Right you are about the Church growing stronger amidst persecution. But, man oh man, it is just too much some days, isn't it? Hence, my need for daily Mass ;)

    Servus--Thank you so much for the link! I am going to hear a Jesuit in DC Saturday (Fr. Aschenbrenner) for a day of prayer. He will be speaking about the Exercises and the Examen. I think he "safe".

    Terry--only the enemy could orchestrate what we are witnessing on such a wide scale, don't you think? Hardon talked about the enemy as an "organized battalion of malice" and argued that the laity needed to be highly united and organized to successfully war aggaint him.

  8. Maria - Fr. Hardon was right.

  9. Father Hardon was right about most everything. "Only two kinds of people will reach heaven: the very humble and the very chaste. Nobody else, nobody else, nobody else."

    Fr. John Hardon, S. J.

  10. Hey, that building looks familiar.

  11. Servus - stop scaring ... never mind.

  12. Nan - it's someplace in St. Paul.

  13. Terry, that's no necessary :)

  14. Servus --Know that quote, great isn't it? He also said "it is not enough to get to Heaven, we have to bring others with us".


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