Monday, March 26, 2012

The Abbey Roads Current Events Poll.

I know.  I never put up polls, but I decided to do so today.  Below are the questions with my answers!  Cool, huh?  Yeah.  Sorry, I was the only one who took the poll.

Current Events Poll (Percentages are posted to show to what degree the respondents agreed or disagreed.)

Do you think the Pope should travel so much?
  •  No -100%
Do you think the Pope should have gone to Cuba?  (Coo-ba)
  • Yes - 100%
Do you think the guy that shot the kid in Florida was in the right?
  • No - 100%
Do you think he should have been carrying a gun and following the kid?
  • No - 100%
Do you think Dharun Ravi was responsible for Tyler Clementi committing suicide?
  • No - 100%
You don't?
  • No - 100%
Do you think Ravi bullied Clementi?
  • No - 100%
So you believe Ravi's version of the events?
  • Pretty much - 99.9%
So, do you think Ravi was right to watch Clementi and out him to his friends?
  • No - 100%
Well then you certainly must believe that this was a hate crime then, right?
  • Nope - 100%

That's a wrap.


  1. Robin5:36 AM

    This cracked me up. Awesome poll!

  2. I think this poll was rigged.

  3. The New Yorker had a very disturbing article covering this sad case. After I read it, I felt there was likely other souls that had greater responsibility for the destructive path 'somewhat' chosen by this young man. Unfortunately, critically questions and soul-searching of the earlier influences do not seem to have been probed, or at least not in the press or interviews with the parents and friends.

    Example: Pornography at an early age. Who introduced this to him?

    The Story of a Suicide

    Also, as a secondary story of corrupting culture on the minds of young men and women has yet to be explored. How has the 'tell-all' culture and porn influenced their ability to discern moral 'right' and 'wrong', etc. Should they be totally accountable for bad decisions when all they 'might' have received in the home front and the culture is to 'not' discern and and 'let your feelings' guide you?

    And, what about the behavior of the young man who threw himself off the bridge? What accountability does he have for 'pushing' his roommate into a situation that he was clearly not able to handle emotionally?

    Oh, and the college. Where do their 'open' campus policy play into this?

    Not enough deep probing in my opinion. Nope.

  4. PML - good reflection here - thanks.

  5. i'm thinking if ravi attended one of sr. ferder's safe-touch seminars, this would never have happened :p


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