Friday, March 30, 2012

I don't know who George Neumayr is.

Although now I know what he said about Cardinal Wuerl.  Please use the sharing buttons! Thanks!

Seriously, I don't know who a lot of online personalities are.  I come across their names in comboxes of my favorite blogs on occasion, but that doesn't mean I read what they have to say.  Neumayr stepped into the Guarnizo fray and went after Cardinal Wuerl, and I think may have clobbered a canonist and a priest or two in the process - I may be wrong on that however.  My problem is that I don't read really long blog posts or comments - and very few newspapers at that - something I'm told is considered a virtue in Alaskan gubernatorial candidates.  But I digress.

Back to Neumayr, and his lambaste against Cardinal Wuerl.  The other reason I did not read it in its entirety is because I also found it offensive.  Like him or not - you can't tear to pieces a Cardinal.  Bloggers and others do it - but it is wrong.  That said, I have to agree - to an extent - with this from a man named Winters who appears to write for the NCReporter:  (My comments in Periwinkle blue.)
Neumayr's venom is profoundly disturbing. (See, I thought so too.)  Certainly, his portrait of Cardinal Wuerl bears no resemblance to the man many of us have witnessed here in Washington the past few years. (I've never been in Washington, so I can't verify that one.) I doubt one makes it to the rank of cardinal if one is especially thin-skinned. (Even thick skinned people are offended by venomous attacks.)  I do not think Cardinal Wuerl winks at sacrilege let alone causes it. His reputation as a gentle pastor is well-earned and not the kind of thing to be lightly dismissed just because some yahoo wants the cardinal to join him in a culture war.  (I don't think I'm a yahoo - maybe a crackpot blogger - but I don't think it is too much to hope that a cardinal would be at the forefront of a culture war - even if he is busy on another front.) The priests I know, without exception, like him a lot and feel supported in their own ministry, and so the fact that he did not support Guarnizo likely tells us more about Guarnizo then it does about Cardinal Wuerl. (That may be true, but I hope Guarnizo is supported and ultimately vindicated - as well as defended against rogue canonists.)  But, in the right-wing blogosphere, if you do not toe the line to their version of orthodoxy, you are a heretic, even if you are the man chosen by Pope Benedict XVI to lead the next synod of bishops.  (That's also true.) - Michael Sean Winters, NCReporter

Priest are subject to their bishops - that is just a fact of life in the Roman Catholic Church - even when they don't want a particular Father in their diocese.  If we don't like the bishop, and or disagree with his policies - we at least owe him the respect and decorum due his office.  Big boy underwear or not.


  1. Hi Terry,

    FYI - George Neumayr is the editor of Catholic World Report.

    I think we owe the bishop's office respect also, but it's hard considering that many behave in ways similar to Bishop Pierre Cauchon, the French bishop who plotted to kill Joan of Arc.

    Many of our U.S. bishops don't literally kill, but they kill off the vocations of good priests with whom they disagree and they kill the faith of the flock.

    As for Cardinal Wuerl, he was awful in Pittsburgh where he promoted Dignity Masses and generally advanced the gay agenda among other things. Mother's Watch ran an article on him in 1996 which any interested reader can see at

    In view of Wuerl's record and his most recent action against Fr. Guarnizo, Neumayr's anger is understandable even if you feel it's disrespectful. Those of us with children and grandchildren are still waiting for an apology from all these bishops who consistently undermined the faith. They sure remind me of Bishop Pierre Cauchon! Joan of Arc, please pray for them.

  2. Thanks Mary Ann - I was being a tad sarcastic. I understand the anger - believe me. I'm grateful for your comment as ever.

  3. Terry,
    Thanks for addressing this. I read through both of Mr. Neumayr's writings on Cardinal Wurl. I was saddened more than anything by the whole situation. I am saddened above all by the scandal the situation with Father Guarnizo has caused so many. I have no reason to believe that Father Guarnizo is anything other than a priest striving to be faithful to holy mother Church. I see Mr Neumayr's anger as being addressed not only to the current situation relating to Father Guarnizo but to many in the episcopate worldwide who have failed to be good shepherds. We have had very poor leadership from bishops for as long as I've been on this earth. We cannot as Catholics simply turn our heads the other way and hope that things will improve. Bishop Rudolf Graber of Regensburg, Germany had it right in the 1970s when he likened the situation in the Church today to that of the Arian crisis. Ive learned that people do mental gymnastics in order to convince themselves that things really aren't as bad as some make them seem (read traditionalists) they can justify the actions and words of modern day prelates and churchmen in order to quell their consciences. They simply over look these uncomfortable realities and go on with business as usual. It's akin to my pastor going on about the "billion + Catholics" in the world (as though that many actually hold the Catholic faith). Our situation in the Church today is wretched and apart from the Arian crisis almost unparalleled but the majority of the hierarchy and priests act as though all is well.

    Thanks Mary Ann for your input. I value your opinion.

    Needless to say we need to pray in earnest for these Churchmen. I pray every day for them because unfortunately too many of them leave alot to be desired.

  4. Church business as usual, one might say.

  5. Fr. Z says these guys need to wear big boy underwear - so it's all good! Food fight! ;)

  6. LOL, Terry. Sad to say but Wuerl was purpotedly known by seminarians in Pittsburgh as "Wuerl the girl" and a staunch defender of Dignity/New Ways Ministry. Malachi Martin referred to him at Donna Wuerl and a prelate who would one day have to answer to God... etc etc. Not for nothing is it Michael Sean Winters defending Wuerl. Btw, I live in the DC area. I found it striking that in our nation's capitol, Wuerl was nowhere to be found at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally. Neither did he issue a statement; however, Guranizo was there and led us in rosary, for which we will all soon be jailed.

    I don't know what to think. All I know is when priests like Guarnizo are muzzled and Wuerl can't seem to open his mouth to defend the Church--Lord knows the corruption in DC could keep you in front of a microphone 24/7, something is upside down.

  7. Maria good for you! Thanks be to GOD! I'm inspired to know that Father Guarnizo led you all in the rosary.

  8. Servus: It is impossible to listen to this priest and believe he has anything but the best of intentions--soft spoken, gentle and so clearly in love w/ Christ and His church. How we strong Fathers if we are to be strong...

  9. I'm inspired to know that as well Maria. I hope all goes well for Fr. Guarnizo.

  10. Christine9:24 PM

    Neumayr went too far, but Card Wuerl's official stance toward N Pelosi and aggressively pro-abort politicians who parade their "Catholicism" in Catholic institutions in Washington is scandalous and outrageous. The Card has said he may never apply Canon Law 915! How can one be more offended by bloggers than by this cardinal's views, which have even been challenged by canonists and Archbish Burke? We need to pray for our bishops as never before.

  11. I never denied a crisis in the church. All I said was that things are getting better (even if still far from where they need to be) and that the 70s and 80s and even the 90s were much worse. That we can be thankful for such solid popes through this crisis, and that the Chuch is not limited to the decadent Western world.

    I see all the orthodox young priests, the slow reintroduction of tradition into the liturgy, the swell in orthodox publications, EWTN, and even some bishops and I am grateful.

    Things cannot change overnight, and the wounds are deep, but does no one else see light at the end of the tunnel?

  12. Maria,

    Let's pray that the Lord bless us with more holy priests in the mold of Father Guarnizo.

    O Lord, grant us priests!
    O Lord, grant us holy priests!
    O Lord, grant us many holy priests!
    O Lord, grant us many holy religious vocations!

    V. St Pius X
    R. Pray for us.


    O God, Who wishes all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth, send forth, we beseech Thee, labourers into the harvest: inspire many young people with the generous desire of devoting their lives to Thy service; grant that there may be a great increase in the number and sanctity of vocations to the priesthood and to the religious life, so that Thy Holy Name may be glorified and many souls may be brought to know and serve Thee, the One true God, and Him Whom Thou hast sent, Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord. Amen.

  13. Servus-Indeed.

    Mercury--there are encouraging signs, no doubt. As far as errant priests, as I always like to say--there is a reaason that some convents do nothing but pray for priests 24/7, lol.


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