Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back...

Not so much to see.

I was going to write about the past year's top stories but realized - nothing.  I realized nothing - I just didn't want to have to go through the process of linking to the stories and digging up the dead again.  After all, that has been kind of my motto recently: "Let the dead bury their dead" - but I'm not very good at it in practice...

However, now that I mention it...

The Corapi story.  That was huge, wasn't it.  I got in trouble for saying I wasn't surprised based on the fact he dyed his beard and started tanning.  Other bloggers got in even more trouble for speculating, commenting, and expressing their disgust, and have since been labeled bad Catholics, and are forever under suspicion as being in cahoots with the USCCB and Fr. James Martin and the evil Jesuits.  The wonderful thing about stories like these is that it reveals what a bunch of assholes we all can be under that thin veneer of decorous piety we like to bask in.  (I mean that in the 'nicest' way BTW - as in 'who wants to cast the first stone' and  'judge not and you won't be judged', and so on.)

For me the Corapi story was a good boost to my stats.  Seriously.  In the end, I'm not sure I cared so much about him - we all have our lives to live and we have to deal with the decisions and choices we make, and the consequences - which go along way after everything is said - but not done.  He is doing what he wants to do, living his life the way he wants to live it - or at least that is what he says.  I'm not too worried however, since as one holy priest once said; "O, the Holy Virgin, when one confides in her as a child, she never loses sight of you." 

I suppose if I have realized anything it is that the scandals involving other priests, nuns - Mother Nadine of the teal blue scapular for instance, and the fall of monks and monasteries - which I posted about - in the end revealed more about me than it did them.  It wasn't a nice picture.   

Anyway - for me the biggest story of the year was just that - I grew a bit more in self-knowledge I think - I hope.  I stand accused and my detractors are vindicated.  At the last judgement when everyone gets to see my sins...  It won't be pretty.

I need to pray many more rosaries, and pray them devoutly.


  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Ter, there ya go again being too hard on yourself. Like the rest of us, especially regarding Corapi, you were just working through your thoughts and reactions to the events. Yours just happened to be on a blog, which I for one, did appreciate, as it helped me sort out my thoughts on the matter too.
    I can always count on your insights to be rooted in sound theology, as teh good son of the Church that you are.

    That said, seeing the "big stories" in Catholicblogland laid out for us as you do here, they really were all about the demise of some very public vocations, when you think about it, weren't tehy? It seems to kind of underscore the impending doom feeling of something way too big lurking around the corner for 2012, a thought, till now I've not allowed myself to indulge much. But now that I think about it, I'm getting visions of St Malachy's papal prophecies mixed with apprehension for the coming presidential elections and a bit of bewilderment at the increasing restrictions on the freedom of religious expression and what it will mean for the Church, all garbled together. Could it mean a coming of a forced 'Underground Church' perhaps? I dunno.

    In spite of the sky falling all around me(personally as well as the Church and the world), I remain cheerful. I'm SO grateful for God's grace.

    A very blessed, holy, and healthy New Year to you and all yoru commenters here. May you all be succesful in all your 2012 endeavors!

  2. Anonymous5:47 PM

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  3. At judgement day, when your sins are revealed, I will close my eyes and cover my ears out of respect for you. I hope you'll do the same for me.

    Sinful as we are, we do reject our past sins, we don't embrace them nor do we find pleasure in them.

    Looking back, I doubt if I ever found pleasure in my sins and even as they were being executed. I suspect my sins were mostly from lazyness by taking the easier path of least resistance and avoiding my crosses.

    It is my sincere prayer that Jesus will be more mercyful to me than I am to myself.

  4. Always thought provoking. Yes, many more rosaries...


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