Sunday, December 25, 2011

I survived Christmas!

It's Christmas Day in the city!

Merry Christmas every one!

I made it.  I made it through all the terrors of the night.  I made it through all the awful advertising and money talk and shopping mauls.  Yes mauls - people pepper sprayed, mothers fighting over Air Jordan's.  Public demonstrations in support of, or against tacky Nativity scenes on public, or private property.  But let's be honest - lights are lights and our inner child always gets excited when we see them - no matter how garish.

I survived all the murder stories - Minneapolis has a lot of gun happy boyfriends who shoot their girlfriends.  My advice - get married - then you can get divorced instead of killing one another. 

I lived through Christmas - Advent to all ye faithful - because tomorrow it is over for those people who don't need a Church to tell them what to do.  Yep - some people actually take all their decor down the day after Christmas.  One year a relative of mine who prides herself on neatness and efficiency took her tree down Christmas night.  "Aren't you neat though, Agnes!"

I survived the depression, the recriminations, the guilt of not being the man my family and friends expected me to be - although some tell me God is even more disappointed. That's a toughie, but it won't keep me from going to him this morning, as he lays in that manger - he doesn't turn anyone away... man nor beast.

Today those who keep Christmas come to know that Christmas is above all about Christ.

So once again:  Merry Christmas!  And remember, today is just the beginning! 


  1. It is just the beginning!

    Go tell it on the mountain!

    Merry Christmas T.
    I am honored to have you as a brother in Christ.

  2. Now there's an idea for a reality show: "Survivor:Christmas". Who's going to be trampled on, pepper-sprayed, voted out because their lit-up house can be seen from outer space or their holiday party nibbles included crackers and Cheez-whiz.

    It is time for joy, celebration, mirth. Let the days of Christmas begin!

    A happy and blessed Christmas, Mr. Nelson, and to all your friends gathered here.

  3. Merry Christmas, Terry. Never mind your family - we love you and think you're just fine...

    I know some women that strip down their Christmas stuff Christmas night, too. Most are decent enough to wait until the 26th. Very weird.

  4. Merry Christmas, my friend.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    I didn't know Snoopy and Mario were at the Nativity! Cool! (Where DO you get your photos??)

    Joyous Noel!!

  6. My Christmas to you and all your crazyballs commenters, Terry!~

    (Just kidding, I love you all.)

  7. I survived cleaning the house(that was the worst part, maybe I should do it more often!) singing in the choir and playing the organ for Mass, cooking a dinner with all the trimmings for the whole family and everybody's favorite treats; watching our 3 year old granddaughter open presents and terrorize the cats (she's got more energy than any 5 of us put together). It was good, but man am I tired. I hope I sleep well, because tomorrow is a 300 mile drive out to see my 83 yr old Dad, who hasn't been feeling well. We'll get back in time for me to go back to work Thursday and rest up. Just as well Christmas only comes once a year. Decorations? They're not coming down until the Baptism of the Lord; maybe not till Candlemas, maybe now I'll get a chance to enjoy them.
    Merry Christmas, everyone!

  8. I survived Christmas Day with only a little aggro.

    The trick will be if I can survive Christmastide (12 full days) without major argument.

    Severely doubt it, but hope springs eternal.

  9. "I made it. I made it through all the terrors of the night"

    I like that for all sorts of very present personal serious reasons!! Thank God we serve a God who never sleeps, helps deal with the devils who prowl around, hidden from sight, but not at night!!!

    Psalm 121:3-4
    Behold, He who keeps Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.

    Happy St Stephens Day!

    Or Happy Boxing Day, if you want to get a bit 'Old Englishly and seculary' about it. ;)

    PS. I love you too Terry, just as you are, today. The only day we are ever living in.

  10. and who wants to be like "The Gooch" anyway.

    Well said, Terry.

  11. " Christmas happens. Let it."

    That's how I survived..Thanks for that bit of wisdom, Terri. +

  12. Anonymous3:24 PM

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  13. Jim - that is the best Christmas ever. God bless!


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