Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Dogwood Cottage

Too dark? 

I do not know how to take good photos - sorry.  Anyway - I wanted to show the mantel with all the saints.  Spanish colonial figures: Mexican St. Anthony, Peruvian Bambino with silver reflector, Mexican St. Nicholas, New Mexican St. Joseph, Guatemalan Immaculada flank painting of St. Bernard.

The kitchen creche with the saints and 'miraculous' lights.  Mexican nicho housing Italian Bambino nestled in angel hair, surrounded by small German wood carvings of St. Claude, St. Roch, St Dominic Savio, and St. Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer:  No poodles were harmed to obtain these photos.  The decorations are much prettier in person and at night when you're drunk.  What?
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  1. It's beautiful, Terry. Merry Christmas.

  2. Anonymous1:09 AM

    Beautiful, but yes I am sure even prettier in person, as you say. So what time should we show up for the tour?

  3. Crucifix!

    Where is the crucifix?

    Santos are fine, but where is the Crucifix!!!???


  4. At the end of the nun's rosary draped on the painting - next to St. Josepg. Click on the photo and you will see it.

  5. Lovely photos, Terry. It looks like you have a very beautiful home.




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