Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Truce Pop-ups.

Feast of St. John Evangelist


I suppose this post is like other blogger's 'quick takes' or 'time outs' - but I'll categorize it as 'pop-ups' and will not attach a number to it.  Since it is still Christmas, I'll call these snippets 'Christmas truce pop-ups'.  Short commentaries about non-controversial subjects without any passive aggressive snark.  (As if I would do that!)  Analyze away!

The fat lady already sang...

Christmas is over.  I know I say it isn't - and the Church and the liturgy says it isn't - but it is.  I was going to do a Christmas post each day for the 12 days of Christmas but decided against it - no one pays attention to Christmas after the Christmas day.  Unless you happen to be a religious or are religious.  Most people aren't religious. 

I've never baited anyone...

If I don't blog about something controversial hardly anyone reads me.  I'm tired of blogging about negative stuff however.  Especially during Christmas - yes, I observe Christmas - all twelve days of it.  What I dislike even more is reading the negative stuff on other blogs - people keep it up even through Christmas - along with their negative anonymous comments.  I no longer allow the anonymous comments.  It is for the commenter's own good - it is a sort of antidote, or prevention against their hypocrisy.  They should know better than to blog or comment when they are drunk.

Tippler's feast day...

Speaking of drunks, tipplers love today's feast of St. John, since as the Saint's enemies sought to poison his wine, the saint blessed it before drinking and the poison was neutralized and the Evangelist was not harmed.  Traditionally wines are blessed today - and people find another excuse to keep drinking.  BTW - don't make or drink mulled wine - the alcohol evaporates.

Prayers for those suffering the effects of disaster and terror...

On a serious note, I apologize that I've failed to mention the terror in Nigeria and the bombing of Catholic churches on Christmas.  We observe the feasts of the ancient martyrs during the Christmas Octave, while the martyrs of our day continue to suffer.  Likewise, the people of the Philippines continue to suffer the devastating effects of the floods.  These things ought keep us sober and vigilant throughout the 'holidays'.  Prayers for all who actually suffer Christmas.

The repeal...

Don't ask don't tell repeal.  (I find it interesting that just about everything can be repealed in this country - so why not abortion rights?  I have a theory.)  That said, I was impressed by Jake Tapper's interview with gay, active military men and a woman which aired Sunday on ABCNews.  One would never know the soldiers were gay - well, maybe one or two of them you could tell.  Nevertheless, they spoke well and expressed relief that they could now be honest about themselves and concentrate more fully on the job at hand:  “The most important thing that has changed since the repeal is now we can focus on the mission"  (Video here.) 

Now there's a train that's already left the station.  Works for me.


  1. You know, I have a picture that will work really well with this post....

  2. Terry, I MOST like your lovely, non-controversial posts.
    Sometimes I don't comment, but I read them WAY more than the controversy.
    I decided a while back that I haven't the stomach for conflict which is so prevalent on the internet.

    I don't know if you like beer, but I cracked a bottle of Noel beer last night.
    The monks do not disappoint, do they?
    If you can get your hands on some, do!


  3. Larry - you mean the delinquent toddlers photo?

    Cathy - I love monk's beer - have you tried Trappist Quadruppel? The best.

  4. Terry--I know. I'm going to a Christmas party on Thursday night, and I was talking to a friend and he said, "But Christmas is over..." Sigh.

    Thanks for posting that interview. It was very good. As were the soldiers. Like with the new missal, the world hasn't ended since DADT has been repealed.

    I read you whether you're controversial or not. Though now you're blocked on the server at my job, so I have to wait to get home to read you. See, you must be too controversial! Happy Christmas Day 3--or Saint John's Day. Ace

  5. I will try that! I really enjoyed the Noel - Its spiced but not overly so. 9% but you can't tell, very nice. Have you tried Karmeliet? I wanted to like it, what with the pretty pics of carmelites on the bottle, but to me, it's so strong it tastes skunky.

  6. As we prepare for battle, we enjoy sharpening our sabres while reading your blog.

    You are cordially invited to celebrate with us the Dia de Los Reyes Magos...

    The Feast of the Three Kings; this ends Mexican Christmas.

    For us, Christmas starts December 12th.

    Loud Music, bright colors, and lots of Tequila. (it's kinda like beer).

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  7. Yup. Christmas is over. Went to the supermarket yesterday (the 27th) and the whole place was afloat in Valentine's Day hearts and cheap chocolates. The only way you'd know there had ever been a Christmas was if you saw the three lonely quarts of Kleinpeter eggnog in the dairy case.

  8. The other way of looking at it is that the SECULAR part of Christmas is over. We can stop hearing insincere Merry Christmases, we can stop seeing mall ads informing us that family is the reason for Christmas, we can stop hearing Mariah Carey murder some formerly decent Christmas song, we can stop getting irked at the commercialism and gluttony of it all. This part? This is OUR Christmas. Back to the Reason for the Season, etc.
    The quiet, latter part of Christmas, when the cacophony dies down and the world moves on to planning New Year's Eve parties is perhaps the best part of the whole thing.

    Merry Christmas, fellow Catholics!

  9. The one and only thing that drives me bats is people saying, "Are you ready for Christmas?"

    I know they mean well, but it reminds me of how unready I really am...


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