Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bloggers we have lost this past year...

What happened to them?

Angela?  What happened?  Where are you?

Fr. Dave?  David?  Mark?  Maria?  Hilda?  John?  John?  Fr. John?  Paul?  Helene?  Molly?  Carole?  Bonita?  Sr. Mary Ellen Tracy?

If you watch the video - please note Oprah's boots.  That is so not her.

Bonus Link:  Meet Bonnie - a woman who lives in Wisconsin!

Extra Bonus - Self-Help Tutorial:  How to resist alien abduction. 


  1. Holy cow! You're right! Those boots...

  2. Re: Oprah's boots. Are you implying that was an alien impersonating Oprah??

  3. Yes - those are alien boots.

  4. What reassured me personally about the info given in the video, is that the psychologist speaking said aliens only abduct sane and rational people. Phew!

    The rest of us, they offer a consolatory pair of space boots.

    There were a couple in the bar the other night, offered me a pair, but had nothing in my size or colour preference.
    They certainly sucked the bar dry!!! (Alcoholic Aliens do exist but you only meet them during DT's).


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