Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My new favorite artist: Martin Wittfooth


  1. He's scaring me, Mr. Terry...
    I'm probably not so "with it"...
    I'm not saying anything negative; I just don't get it.
    Probably my simpleton soul.

  2. ... coming storm? It seems a wind of change is coming in that picture noting from the direction the smoke is blowing, the fox that are running, the rabbit with ears in alert and eyes assessing the danger coming ... and the debris on the left entering into the scene, along with the grass blowing in the same direction.

    so what is the storm symbolic of?

  3. From what I understand, he has an apocalyptic point of view of the world. An artist's point of view doesn't dictate my experience of the work. I don't really analyse the art I like. I don't even pay attention to titles or the artist's name - which is why I come off as illiterate as far as art and who's who. I try to post the names only because others will ask who painted that. I hardly know anything about him - I just like his work.

  4. I like the work too ... subtle, simply stated but, for me, the tension he creates made me ask, "what is coming?"

    of course, then the question of "who is the art" and "what is his other pieces like", does come springing to mind.

  5. Notice the smoke from the stacks is coming out of cracks in the side...with some sinister glowing green substance inside the crack. Almost as if he's saying the coming storm is both natural and unnatural - our planet is doomed, and there's nothing we can do about it.

    Now I'm depressed. Good thing I have a photo of Terry's hair at my blog to look at and laugh.

  6. +JMJ+

    I like the rabbit and the fox. I didn't notice it was apocalyptic until others pointed it out. Now I want to read Watership Down.

  7. First confessing to not looking beyond this piece (simply because I am spending way less time -even less than before- online these days) I'll now saw, wow and what comes immediately to mind is, Watership Down.


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