Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dead Rabbit

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Not just road kill.
I looked outside this morning and there was my rabbit.  Dead on the street.  I felt sad.  Obviously he was crossing my street and I suspect a car was going too fast and hit him.  Although, some people try to hit animals - they deliberately run them over.  That said, the neighborhood hawk may have gotten him as well.  I realized I felt more sorrow over the death of my rabbit than I did over the death of a predator who killed thousands of people out of hatred. 
I fed this rabbit all winter - really good stuff too - the same things I eat - walnuts, almonds, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, hemp bread crumbs, granola, you name it.  I watched him eat my hedge, which I had to severely trim back this spring because so much died off.  I cared about the rabbit.  Rabbits don't kill people or other animals. They are kind little creatures - very shy, very hidden.
The mass murderer who sought to exterminate innocent men, women and children was also very hidden - and he was found and killed.
I feel more pity for my rabbit than that man.
But you see, it's just a feeling.  I didn't commend my rabbit to God - rather I thanked God for the time I had with the rabbit.  On the other hand, I did commend the dead man to God, and I thanked him that he was no longer around to kill and maim and terrorize.  I am at peace that the man is no longer on earth to terrorize and murder.  Outside of that, there is nothing I can do or feel - except to leave the dead to bury their dead.


  1. Sorry for your rabbit, Mr. Terry.
    I understand your sadness; the death of any living creature is sad.
    As for Usama.
    This quote from Catholic Culture, from the Archbishop where Usama lived is very poignant:
    “In the soul of a Christian there is never joy for the death of a man, even if he is an enemy,” said Archbishop Anthony Rufin of Islamabad. “On the occasion of the death of bin Laden I would like to remind the supreme commandment of the Christian message: love your enemies.”

    The folks who are celebrating make me very afraid.

    I understand the grief of those who lost loved ones in the Twin Towers, but glee at the death of an enemy is NOT Christian.
    Not at all.

    Prayers for all.

  2. Nazareth Priest - Amen!

    Terry - you realize you just ruined my whole day with that pic. Poor bunny...

  3. michael r.3:22 PM

    Sorry about your rabbit. Coincidentally, a rabbit was smashed on the road in front of my property a few days ago. I wondered if it was the same rabbit that had spent the past month in my garden, and I also thought of you and Mrs. Rabbitowicz -- will probably always draw that connection whenever I see a rabbit. I have a family of three young squirrels in the tree at my back door. They come down, just out of jumping range of all of my dogs. It's a hoot to watch them play. The connection I draw with them is a negative one, to that "freelance" priest who refers to them as "tree rats". Bring all of the critters safely to us, out of range of those priests with guns!!!

  4. michael r: Squirrels are great...can't understand why any priest would want to shoot them;
    well, I'm just outta the circle, I guess.
    Saw a black squirrel in town on Easter Vigil; we don't have many of them around because the "locals" seem to hate trees and pull them out by the roots or cut them down off the parish property...heathens!!:)!

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  6. The little rabbit hopefully scared the driver into slowing down; that easily could have been a child.

    If you are driving so fast you can't avoid a rabbit, you are driving too fast, especially in a residential area.

    Sorry to hear your rabbit friend gave up the ghost.