Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Discomfort of Archbishop Rowan Williams...

You know what makes me uncomfortable?  He does.
Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams says the US killing of unarmed al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden has left "a very uncomfortable feeling".
Dr Williams, asked about the death during a press briefing on Thursday, said: "I think the killing of an unarmed man is always going to leave a very uncomfortable feeling because it doesn't look as if justice is seen to be done. - Source


  1. In man world this is known as the sissy sarge sell out commercial.

    A real Marine D. I. would have booted that punk in the behind and made him clean latrines with a toothbrush for six months. For starters.

    It is bowing to the goddess of Liberalism; we use rubber bullets against those that wish to kill us, by any means necessary.

    Concerning Osama bin Laden:

    The Death Warrant from the Lodge of those proud men that meet against God and His Christ read: Kill him.

    The same Devil Osama gave up his soul to ordered his death.

    We need to stop riding on the Springtime Trolley and realize the same group of people that killed Christ are still fighting against Heaven.

    No, American is not a Christian Nation, and no, Muslims are not our friends.

    The vice president might finger Rosary beads, but his heart belongs to the world.

    Muslims have no charity, not even for each other.

    We are left to be God's hands here.

    Pray for the Holy Father, his Priests, Nuns, and Religious.

    Pray for those the Holy Mother has requested we pray for:

    In August of 1917 Our Lady told the children, "pray much and make sacrifices for sinners, for many souls go to hell because there is no one to make sacrifices for them." As to the kinds of sacrifices Our Lady was asking, she revealed to Sr. Lucia on one occasion:

    "The good Lord is allowing Himself to be appeased . . . but He Himself complains most bitterly and sorrowfully about the small number of souls in His grace who are willing to renounce whatever the observance of His laws requires of them."

    "Many persons," Sr. Lucia explained, "feeling that the word penance implies great austerities, and not feeling that they have the strength for great sacrifices, become discouraged and continue a life of lukewarmness and sin."

    Then she said Our Lord explained to her:

    "The sacrifice required of every person is the fulfillment of his duties in life and the observance of My law. This is the penance that I now seek and require."


  2. Wow, Saint really put them in their place!!

    I love that sarge...I listen to all kinds of pansy whining (sorry...I'm a priest, after all), but shit...
    There is real, incomparable and unbelievable suffering out there; real gut-wrenching suffering...
    and they don't come to me, for some reason.
    Get a grip, yeah, that's it.
    Just thank the good Lord you don't have a battering spouse, an alcoholic partner, drug-addicted children, horrid in-laws; a boss who is both sexually abusive and threatening you with termination unless you "give it up"...
    Jesus, mercy!

  3. I can understand--to some extent--where Archbishop Rowan Williams is coming from. Personally, I think Osama was going to get shot whether he was manning a canon or or in bed watching HBO. It's not going to break anyone's heart that this mass murderer is out of the picture.

    Oh, and have I mentioned how much I dislike the Archbishop? I'm not forgetting any time soon the jabs he took against the Catholic Church when a bunch of his Anglican priests were exiting his church to join Rome.


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