Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mass Chat

Today was Poodle Day at my parish.
Yes it was.  The family shown above brought up the gifts.  Yes they did Larry!
So is everybody crabby enough today?  So many bloggers seem to be in moods lately.  Well kiss my -  Jus' kiddin'!
So anyway, Kat is in Rome - big deal, huh?  I know!  She's been giving the street-gypsies a run for their money.  "Hi, I'm an American and I need money to get back to the States, could you get me a first class ticket to London?"  What? 
Just kidding - I need a laugh and to break up the seriousness on this blog.  There are terribly sensitive people out there and I need them to remember, I'm a jerk too!  And I always will be.
Have a nice day Poodles!
Disclaimer:  None of the insults were intentional in this post.  No priests were harmed by this post.  No converts were harmed by this post or any others.  Homosexuals and unwed lesbians were not harmed in this post either.  Old people and church ladies and trads will be insulted in subsequent posts.  Wait your turn.  This post may be removed without notice.  The editors and publishers of this post are not responsible for its content.  Anyone taking steroids or a-hole inhibitors should consult a therapist before using.


  1. Angela seems to be suffering from Post Royal Wedding Partum Blues.

    It's okay, Angela! One of Obama's daughters will get married soon enough, and then just watch! Will and Kate's bash will look like an afternoon tea compared to that one!!

  2. Do you think I'm unaware that you are a jerk? Oh, hon, I thought you knew me better than that!


  3. Do asthma inhalers count?
    I'm on a "royal" dose...God, I hope I don't have pneumonia...what a downer!
    Oh, that fits right in here.
    Jack Russell Terriers rule...sorry.
    Shoulda been a pack of them; they'd rip the place apart!
    Happy Easter!

  4. We had First Communion today at my parish....

    Says it all..

    IMHO should not be on Divine Mercy Sunday as it takes away from the glorious feast but I don't make the rules nor set up the calendar..

    As for the toddler next to me jumping up and down on the kneeler and about making me seasick...trying not to grumble and trying not to to think "This would NOT be happening in my old hard-core ProtestanT church where children were seen and NOT heard (or in my case FELT).."well I offered it up. I have a reason to be a crab :)

    The sun is shining (YES!!) so I will go outside, set up my tent and get high on seam-sealing glue tent was leaking last time I went camping..

    Happy Feast Day to all!!


  5. It WAS poodle day today! We had a poodle at our church! Being the usher, I told her no dogs inside, then she told me it was a therapy dog--well yeah lady my two dogs are therapy dogs too, but they are not allowed in church. But then she said she cleared it with the priest--just because the dog detected when she might have a seizure.

  6. Larry: Do you know the way to San Jose? Doodatododadotadotada....

    Sorry. I was rooting for you throughout the whole game.


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