Friday, October 01, 2010

The accuser of our brothers is cast out. - Revelation 12:10

The suicide of Tyler Clementi.
On the feast of the Archangels I meditated upon the verse from the Book of Revelation, referring to the Devil and Satan as the accuser of our brothers... who accuses them night and day before our God.  How often do we align ourselves with the Devil and Satan when we accuse our brother?   Or seek to expose his deeds before men?
I think this is what Clementi's roommate and his girlfriend did - they accused and exposed a young man - just for the satisfaction of proving their accusations to be true, they streamed it online.  The upshot:  the tormented, humiliated and shamed Tyler Clementi committed suicide...   Tyler was an 18 year old kid, he had parents who love him.  Imagine their grief.
Suicides and gay bashings and the ensuing gay battles are increasing day by day by day by day.
Going forward we must only speak the truth in charity, without duplicity, and with respect for the dignity of each person, ever keeping in mind that "the accuser of our brothers is cast out..." and God's mercy is limitless.
Photo:  George Washington Bridge - site of Clementi's suicide.


  1. The only consolation we have is knowing that Jesus is holding him now.

    I wouldn't trade places on the day of Judgment with anyone who rejects one whom Christ embraces.

  2. I heard this story the other day onthe radio while I was travelling...

    It broke my heart...

    Sometimes it just shocks me how absolutely MEAN people can be...they think everything is so funny funny ha ha at the expense of others.

    Dear sweet Jesus please have mercy on this poor boy's soul, though he took his own life.


  3. Thom: Yes. YES!
    Sara: I agree.
    This is just absolutely disgusting, tragic and horrid.
    Real funny, now, right roommate and girlfriend?
    Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace.
    What depths of degradation we are presently experiencing in this society.

  4. Makes me wonder what overwhelmed him: Was it the fact that this video might out him to people he did not want to share the nature of sexuality with? Or was it the total and crushing violation and humiliation that comes from having your privacy invaded?

    I sincerely hope, although it's not beyond the scope of possibility, that he feared rejection/ abandonment from his own family. I'm NOT saying this was the case, but what a terrible shame if it had been the motivation behind his suicide.


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