Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Bishop Leads: Samuel Aquila

This is what it takes.  This is what we need.
.- In time for the upcoming Respect Life Month of October, Bishop Samuel Aquila of Fargo, North Dakota presided over an annual Mass and led a procession over 700 people to a local abortion clinic last Sunday, encountering oppositional protestors for the first time.
The Diocese of Fargo estimated that on Sunday, 700 to 800 people from St. Mary’s Cathedral processed to the local Red River Women’s Clinic, North Dakota’s only abortion facility in downtown Fargo. Director of Communications for the diocese Tanya R. Watterud told CNA that Bishop Aquila led the procession several blocks, carrying a monstrance with Blessed Sacrament and also sprinkling the clinic with holy water amidst pro-abortion demonstrators. - Finish reading CNA
Praise God!  We have real Bishops again! 


  1. Praise God! is right.
    A true spiritual father; a great man!
    God bless Him; Mary keep him.
    And may we have more courageous and manly responses from our bishops...we have to pray!

  2. Isn't this a beautiful witness to the power of the Blessed Sacrament, the importance of the Bishop, and the right use of scaramentals - as well as the witness of the faithful united with the Bishop? It reminds me very much of the ancient processions to asking for the end of the plaque, and so on. This is the Church in action, active participation and all of that. We can't be ashamed of our faith. This reminds me of the Israelites at Jerhico.

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  4. Yes, Mr. Terry. Absolutely.
    Processions imploring God's blessing, mercy and help...we need to reinstate them...that's why we do the Rogation Days and observe the Ember Days here...we so much need God's mercy and help...oh, if only we had any idea of the graces this brings to souls!


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