Sunday, September 26, 2010

Victim Souls?


  1. You don't have to like it. How freeing.

    One the one hand you will find the term applied in writings to various saints, such as Josefa Mendendez and even attributed to the Lord in describing certain saints in extra biblical writings. On the other hand one can read that the term is not an "official" "term" in use by the Church herself.

    Multiple layers of ever helpful confusion as per usual ;-)

    Nice picks by the way. None of Padre Pio?

  2. Terry - you forgot to add these victim souls, too. I just posted about them.

  3. Veronica Leuken?
    Whack-job...the only "victims" are the ones fooled by this gal.
    And LarryD: the "chicks" you refer to deserve a good kick in the ....
    Victims everywhere.
    And who gives a hoot about Jesus, the REAL Victim-Priest?
    Believe me, I've seen it, read it, heard it, have been subject to it...
    everybody wants to get onto the "victim wagon"; instead, they should be taking responsibility for themselves, knocking off the self-pity and self-aggrandizement, and thank the good Lord they don't have some REAL problems...sheesh!
    When I've listened to a litany of 'pseudo' problems (either created within the mind or a lack of maturity or just plain insanity) I want to direct this person to someone living with cancer, an alcoholic spouse, delinquent children or living with real mental illness. Now THERE are some real problems that might just qualify someone for being a "victim soul".
    I'm ranting. I'll shut up now!


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