Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mass ad orientem or facing the congregation?

Fr. Z has a poll up - I voted ad orientem.  Mass facing the people is so distracting. - especially during the consecration.   
Photo credit:  Missa Gregoriana 


  1. I really, surprisingly, don't have a preference. However, one can be physically turned toward the people or the wall and still not be "ad dominum."

  2. Yeah, and when Father has his back to us, we can do whatever we want--and he has no idea--LOL!

  3. As a priest who offers both the OF and the EF, some Masses in the OF facing the people, the rest "ad Dominum", I can attest that facing the Lord rather than the congregation is, for me, a way to be more focused upon the Lord and gives the sense that as a priest, I am "leading" the people of God towards Him; when I do offer Mass facing the people, I do not make eye contact or address them when I'm praying to the Father, trying to keep my eyes on the Sacramentary or the "oblata"...
    we're there for God...that is what creates community...there are plenty of other opportunities to relate with one another in other venues...that time is for God, together we worship, praise, adore and intercede...THAT'S what unites us.

  4. Interesting point - I mean, what it's like from the priest's point of view.
    And that also explains why televangelists always squint their eyes shut ( looking like they're passing a very hard turd ) while praying in front of the TV camera.

    East or West, Latin or English, please just be reverent, AND DON'T MUMBLE!

  5. " can be physically turned toward the people or the wall and still not be "ad dominum"'. Thom makes a good point.
    I can live with it either way; however people "make a better door than a window"; and I actually prefer to see the moment of consecration.

  6. I too love to see the moment of consecration..I feel like I'm a part of something very wonderful and loving..especially if the priest can hold it up for a few moments and I can soak in the Adoration..


  7. tubbs: LOL!! My Grandad was a Protestant minister, and I can totally understand your comment about squinting...too damned funny!
    As to the "moment of consecration", when a priest is offering "ad orientem", he should raise the host and and the chalice high for the faithful to adore...
    just my thoughts, here.

  8. I think Fr. Logenecker prefers it "Standing on my head" - get it Larry? ROFLMAO!


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