Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I had a dream.

I had a dream about Obama last night - I was explaining to him why people didn't trust him and stuff - I mentioned the fears people have that he is a socialist and is planning on taking over the country after implementing martial law.  A friend of mine scoffed and I got mad and yelled at everyone because they wouldn't listen to me.  Then Obama invited me upstairs to the White House, which was really white BTW, and we talked and he explained how it wouldn't be that bad after he was done and people were worried needlessly.  He was so nice and friendly that he had me completely convinced he is truly a great president.
Returning home from Washington, I realized I was flying without a plane and when I looked down I was flying over Fr. Z's farm - suddenly my anxiety and depression returned and then everything went black.
You know what they say.... once you go black, you never go back.


  1. LOL! Love you, Ter!

  2. Fr Z has a farm? How come I'm the last to know anything?

  3. Did the One use his teleprompter when answering your questions?

  4. I have a feeling "The One" thinks he can (excuse me, please) "charm the pants offa anybody"...figuratively speaking, here...
    I dunno...your dream sounds pretty real to me!

  5. Oh no - the dream wasn't like that Father! LOL!

  6. Terry-- hehe :)

    I wish my dreams were like yours..most of the time I dream about work....blech.

    Nothing worse than waking up after dreaming about work for 7 hours, to actually HAVE to go in to work...

    But I also solve alot of problems in my sleep too...I think it activates that other side of my mind..

    That's why I probably wouldn't make a very good wife--I'd wake up in the middle of the night, sit up in bed yelling "I've SOLVED it!!!" and jump up, get my clothes on, and scurry off..leaving poor hubby totally befuddled...

    But I do bring home a nice paycheck, and nice bennies :)



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