Friday, September 03, 2010

Trappist simplicity.

Architect John Pawson designed the abbey church shown in this video.   


  1. To love love the Holy Mother of be immersed in the mystery of the "Holy Trinity";
    and to love the brothers and sisters within all the creation; how sublime!
    I'm absolutely at loss of words...thank you, Terry.
    Once again.
    Somehow, in this most divisive of times, we must find a "point of communion"...where those who love the Father, in the Son, in the Spirit of Truth, with the Holy Mother and all the cohort of heaven "find a place"..."to be"..."to love"..."to be known as God knows them" (our) prayers for this always!

  2. I love the clean lines, uncluttered. Very conductive to prayer and meditation. Last year I got a couple of photos of monks at Adoration at our monastery...

    Our Trappist chapel is set up similiar...pews for people/congregation, then the choir, then a large "sanctuary" area...ours at the east end of the sanctuary has a huge stained glass window of Our Lady.

    But not so nice architecture...ours is modified Quonset huts...they are trying to raise money for new building but it has not been easy.


  3. Fr. Z's contributions have reached the $2000.00. mark, Terry.
    Do ya think we should invest in roasting coffee, together, I mean?
    We're not doin' do so hot here...
    coffee roasting? Miss Cathy of A.?
    Adoro? Ray?
    Whatcha think!?
    (I just went to Confession; I'm probably gonna be "roasted" anyway...sheesh!).

  4. You could do coffee Father - but how about tea? Herbal tea. I still think making beer or whiskey would be better - I'm so serious too - micro breweries are so popular - perhaps too costly to start up.

  5. Fudge is not so hard to make, you probably already have the pots in your kitchen. The ingrediants aren't expensive at all. Have several different flavors, some with nuts, some without.

    Figure out how to package it attractively and you can earn some coin. Especially with holidays coming up--nice gifts for folks to give to others.

    Also easy to do is dipped baby pretzels in chocolate...candy shops charge a mint for them yet they are not hard to do.

    Not everyone drinks coffee or beer or stronger--I know I live in Mormonville--but just about everyone eats candy...



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