Sunday, August 29, 2010

Stuff like that... kind of a meme.

Stuff you may have never thought to ask me about.
Recently I was tagged by a couple of people for a couple of memes, and I forgot to answer them - just like my emails - I often neglect to answer them right away and then I forget about them.  I bet you never knew that, huh?  So here is my way of answering the emails and memes.  (I tag anyone who has ignored my tags in the past - you know who you are bitc... oops!  Sorry Jer-bear.)
The Stuff Like That meme:
I've never been a big devotee of St. Augustine or his mother.  Have you ever known a priest with a very influential mother?  Yes, I have too.  That's all.
I love Mother Teresa, but I don't like the cult so much.  I never cared if they lit up the Empire State building for her or not.  I don't care if she just turned 100 - she's dead.  With saints it's usually the 100 years from their death marker that is celebrated - it's a different anniversary all together.  Or maybe not - I don't care.
Did you know Raymundo Arroyo pronounces 'centenery' as 'centeenery'?  And he says, 'agane' instead of 'again'?  How affected is that.  No, that wasn't a question.  But it's okay to be affected.
SNL is no longer even amusing.  It is the worst excuse for a comedy show on television.
I listen to music and watch music videos on YouTube and I like really weird stuff.  This is exactly how I became a fan of Justin Timberlake - whose dancing is kinda femme BTW.  He seems nice though.
Larry D. and I frequently post at exactly the same time - our published work is often just minutes apart.  Isn't that something.
I haven't painted for weeks.  I entered a painting in a juried show and it was rejected - I wasn't going to say anything.  I was very discouraged.  And then I talked to my sister on the phone and I'm still not over that either.  Please don't say anything about this in the com box because I could become violent and I might send out nasty emails.  Oh yeah.
One of my cats was dying - the Dr. said she had terminal heart disease and she's on heart meds.  Her name is Celine - so I prayed to St. Therese's sister Celine and now the cat is doing really well - she almost acts like a young cat again.  That's good, right?  I was seriously saddened however - I have a very soft spot for kids and animals and people with mental illness.
I want to sell off some of my art and antiques - maybe online - but I don't know how to do it.  The financial depression is hitting me quite hard these days, as I am sure it is hitting others as well.  Some people not so much - they still travel and dine out and buy stuff - so maybe someone will want to buy my stuff.
I've been offline because I'm busy in the yard.  Belinda thought I was sick - I don't get sick anymore.
School starts next week.  I'm not interested.
The Quincy Jones video on this post is my absolute favorite rendition of Stuff Like That - even better than the original, I must say.
Oh!  And Pat Sajak is a very decent fellow, I might add.
I guess that's about it.
Oh!  Oh!  Be sure and put Jackie Parkes blog in your links.
That's all.


  1. +JMJ+

    I knew a young man who entered the seminary only because his mother wanted him to. I don't know what has since become of him (or of her).

    Now I wonder whether vocations directors are also very aware of this "type" of aspirant.

  2. Wow! We posted at just about nearly the very same time! You were right!

  3. Dear Terry--

    I will pray for your sick kitty...when my elderly kitty Louise was so sick with diabetes a couple of years back I prayed for her and annointed her with Holy Water and St Pio oil.

    I also had the Sisters of St Francis of Assisi in St Francis, WI pray for her. They seem to understand how special our pets are to us.

    She is strong and healthy now...but I also know that she won't live forever.

    I thank God daily for giving me these living creations of His as my animal companions. In alot of ways they help me keep my sanity in this insane world.

    P.S You can come work in my yard... I have a TON of Iris to separate and daylillies to thin out..the Iris especially are breaking up the sprinklers...


  4. Terry! You rock! I think one of my daughters sells her art work on Ebay! But what wud I know? They don't tell me nuthin! lol

    Oh yeah this song sure is good! Just what I need after visiting "Catholic & Hating it!"

    Thanks for the link!

  5. Sick pets are a real trial;
    I can't tell you how many of our faithful friends have had to be "put down"; I get seriously "whacked out"; anyway.
    I had to google "meme"...that's how completely stupid I am;
    sorry for not responding, Terry.
    I will now.
    I still don't really "get it".
    But that's okay.
    I walk around not "getting" a whole lot; more than I want to share, thank you very much!
    And Jackie Parkes, yes, I'll add you to our blog roll.
    Okay, I'm done, for now:<)!

  6. Enbrethiliel, vocations are like porn; you know them when you see them. It's probably obvious to good vocation directors which applicants aren't there for the right reasons.

    Terry, don't forget that is for St. Terese of Lisieux that the 50 year wait before beatification was dispensed with; the period is now 5 years and can be waived as it has been both for Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and Venerable John Paul II.

  7. Also note that in the case of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, the Mass here was held at the request of her sisters as the Missionaries of Charity are active in S. Minneapolis; it is their involvement that legitimizes the celebration.

  8. Terry:
    Have you given any thought to using Craigslist or Kijiji type places to place ads for your art?

    Kijiji is free and it is easy to post ads with pictures/particulars/prices/hours of operation/links to an art blog, etc.

  9. P.S. Justin Timberlake KNOWS how to wear clothes..he could look hot in a black garbage bag...


  10. 3puddytats: Thanks. You've broadened my horizons...!!

  11. "...I became a fan of Justin Timberlake ..."

    But Terry, you took down the video! :0)

    -I do feel a devotion (for sure) to St. Augustine.
    -Mother T's cause in NY has turned more about why secularists and people of other faiths are honored but not her.
    -I haven't watched an SNL episode since Betty White was on.
    -Although misguided and a bit of a lefty, I still have a crush on Tina Fey:0) She's married, unfortunately, to some dude somewhere (I don't care too much for him) ;0)

  12. wow, how did devotion for st. monica & st. augustine get twisted to stage moms pushing for sons in the priesthood? i guess that happens, but ... i certainly credit my leaving the egyptian fleshpots to return to the Church 6 years ago to the prayers of my long-suffering mother (primarily) and family/friends (secondary/tertiary). i believe God stores up graces from the prayers of such mothers for their wayward sons and ... if/when said sons are disposed to receive the grace, God graciously dumps it on them. that's what happened to me. there's no logical reason i should even be alive today. and as for discerning a vocation, yeah, i'm doing that too ... more like remembering one once given, but ignored, and hoping/praying it's not too late. SO! Three Cheers for the praying mothers. and i had a devotion to st. augustine long before my reversion, too.

    i like quincy jones' earlier stuff. my favorite song of his is *the quintessence.* but i usually listen to diana krall or chris botti.

    i watched inglorious basterds this afternoon and was thoroughly entertained. something about tarentino is so not right and i love him for it.

    i'm joining a men's group at my parish, but i'm not married with kids, have no intention of ever getting married, so why are chaste celibates never really 'included' in these men's programs? just wondering.

    my new parish associate is light-hearted and loves to say 'AAAA-MEN.' i don't know why. this morning after washing his hands at the altar, he casually tossed the fingertowel to the altar girl with a smile. whatever.

    annie lennox's song "cold" is mesmerizing and i forgot how much i really like her as an artist. she seems nice, too.

    where did "farrah hair" go?

    that's all.

    *the bitc...* oh sorry that's JER BEAR ;)

  13. doughboy, I envision the effect of prayers to be more like the constant dripping of water onto stone, which eventually wears down the stone.

    Parishes are designed for families and activities are heavily skewed toward families although some of the bigger churches have more general activities. If you fall into the "young" category, larger parishes may have a young people's group that's open to all in the appropriate age group. Or an over the hill group...It is frustrating to be part of the undefined by parish activities group.

  14. Oh father you can be exempt from the meme thing. At least you are kind enough to post comments regularly. God reward you for that.

  15. Terry, given what you said about Mother Teresa you'll like my post from the other day or at least part of it, maybe, and if you don't like it you can write about as one of the things you don't like or are against.

    You said not to comment on this so I may as well. Two years ago I entered a piece in an art competition. Only sixteen artists would be chosen. I and one other were rejected but they had such a good response they accepted more than sixteen. In fact they accepted 44 of the 46 submitted. You can do the math and understand why it was kind of crushing to me. It took a long time to deal with.

    I like St. Augustine and his mom and am not culturally with it enough to understand any possible inference caught by other commenters. I think it's great his mom prayed so much for him. I'm thankful we have so much of his work so readily at hand even to this day.

    Haven't watched SNL since I was a teenager which seems appropriate.

    I'm sorry about your cat even though I don't care for cats; a pet is a pet - it's hard.

    Quincy Jones early music is still pretty hip. The Quintessence being the hippest.

    I have no idea who Pat Sajak and can't be bothered to look it up.

    Jackie Parks is blogging, again? That's good.

    Everybody wanted me to be a knight. Well, that's rough. I became one and before long my initial thoughts were confirmed. It's not for me. No, I won't discuss that further.

    I took part in a long walking pilgrimage for some WYD folks yesterday and then on invitation my DD1 and I shared our conversion story before a group of folks at a Marian Shrine. It was a fantastic day and didn't involve being on the Internet looking at my blog or anyone else's even once.

    To my great surprise I will be taking courses at a seminary. No, not toward the diaconate and I'm a married former minister from a non liturgical sect so no, I won't be the next famous or infamous convert priest.

    We adopted another dog. Feels good.

    I'm happy for someone who is discerning her religious vocation and the long wait seems to be finally opening up.

    I thought about going back and editing this comment but, nah

    That's about it.

  16. E - that's sad to be pushed into a vocation.

    DB - I was thinking of how Monica made him break up with his concubine - I'm sure the mistress wasn't very happy about that. Then I also know of a priest - never mind.

    Sara - thanks for the prayers.

    Nan - thanks for your prayters too - I started a painting today.

    Count - I'll check out those sites - thanks.

    Tom - I forget people always know what I post even when I take it down. Crazy is as crazy does - glad you still like me.

    Hi Jackie!

    Thanks every body.

    Yeah Larry - it is freaky ain't it.

  17. Apparently my comment had to many characters to publish. Oh well. Some of it was pretty good I thought. I guess God knew better.

  18. Owen - please do it again - I want to hear from you.

  19. I'm sorry to hear about Celine.

  20. Thanks Cath - she's lost about 7 pounds - she had been up to about 20lbs. I know.

  21. Terry, I'm glad Celine is better. I have cats, too; sometimes I get sad because their lives are a lot shorter than ours.
    I never did understand why Augustine didn't just marry his significant other. I got the idea his family thought she was from the wrong side of the tracks or something. And I wonder if he wouldn't have converted sooner if Monica had stuck to praying and quit the nagging.
    I second the suggestion about e-bay. Etsy might be a possibility too.

  22. Austringer9:41 AM

    Terry, do we have the same priest/mother combo in mind?

  23. Dear Mr.Terry, I didn't say "You were sick" I was worried that you might be. I have high anxiety and I'm twitchy. I worry about everything and everyone. Prayer relieves my anxiety so everyone gets prayed for or slapped, which do you prefer? :o
    Now about that painting... Get up, dust yourself off and paint something terrific. Your painting for an audience of one.(Jesus- and even if it's not a religious painting.)

    Over the years we've all had work at one time or another which didn't turn out the way we had intended or the reactions weren't what we had hoped for but we don't let that stop us - No we don't!
    Did you do your personal best when you wrote that half ass meme about the 5 things in life that bring you joy - which wasn't supposed to include Jesus or his saints? Could you not come up with anything joyful?! (I'm poking the bear, don't even bite me:)

    *SNL sucks- more than I do.
    *Larry D's the best but he doesn't paint.
    *Justin Timberlake, kisses and tells - I hate that. It's not what real gentlemen do.
    *My son and I prayed for your cat- a week and a half ago.
    *I wish Jackie would stand still so I could follow her.
    *Father, I have no idea what the word meme means either.

  24. +JMJ+

    Nan: You've likely hit the nail on the head with that analogy! I remember mentioning that very seminarian to my old parish priest. Father O'Brien is the sort of man whose emotions and reactions are very restrained, even understated; but when he heard that, he rolled his eyes--heck, he rolled his whole head--and groaned. As someone who had been through seminary and whose best friends were all priests, he just knew.

    Owen: Losing comments has happened to me quite often, too. Blogger used to warn us that a comment was too long and wouldn't publish, but now, as far as I can tell, they publish for five seconds and then vanish! =(

    And I have no idea how long "too long" is anymore.

  25. Anonymous10:24 AM

    I totally agree about the Mother Theresa cult thing. Frankly, I feel the same way about a lot of the hoopla around JPII. No disrespect to him or Mother or anyone, it's just...well, I don't know. I don't get it.

  26. Larry D's the best but he doesn't paint.

    Aww, Belinda, you're so sweet! Alas, tis true, I do not paint. I don't dance either.

  27. Terry, appears my comment went through in total and from its placement in the list it appears it went through at the very hour I was told it didn't. So, for what it's worth, which isn't much - it's there.

  28. belinda: You're a great Mum!
    And, yeah, I get "twitchy", too...probably from having a very "mulier fortis" Mumma...I've dealt with it; I'm still taking care of everything that moves (and having a panic attack at the same time...sheesh!).
    But good ole St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe either said or it was said of him that he was "like a mother hen"...
    that gives me comfort;
    I'm not insecure in my masculinity or anything...but my "mothering" instinct is WAY over developed; should I see a shrink for this?
    Or just "chill"?
    I ask Jesus every day and He just smiles at me...go figure!
    (But sometimes I do say: "Snapouttait!"; and I'm NOT least I don't THINK I'm Italian...Momma, was I adopted?!LOL!!)

  29. Thank you Father but we'll see how my parenting skills are graded in the end.

    Nurturing other souls isn't a feminine thing to do but a compassionate thing to do and it's a gift from Christ- he invented the idea. He expects for us to use it. Lord knows there are enough people out there who are more than willing to tear each other people apart. We are the antidote. Have no shame!
    Mr.Terry, consider again writing about the 5 things that bring you joy! I know you can do it! It's only 5 and you've already mentioned Pat Sajack. Your last post was about as cheery as a Al Gore on Prozac. I know what your problem is ...
    you've got da funk."

  30. " I don't care if she just turned 100 - she's dead.
    You cantankerous old git Terry.

    Oh and BTW, I say centeenery, but I also say tomahto and my pants are worn UNDER my trousers.
    It was our language first before you uppity Yanks messed with it.

  31. Clare - and you should - you are British. ;)

    Austringer - you know who!

  32. Clare: Love and kisses from across "the pond"...I'm probably more British than American (I just learned that means you can be a "mixed breed"...Celt, Anglo AND Saxon)...pretty much my pedigree...but the old Irish is just there waitin' to jump out (I'm a "hidden redhead") da way youse guys talk (a little Wisconsonsian dere for your pleasure!).

  33. Re:Jer-Bear, he did a great job providing the details of the courage conference!



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