Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Expect things that are sudden."

I think I'm like Michael Brown.
The headline from Spirit Daily, "Expect things that are sudden" attracted me today.  I had the exact same thoughts lately - "Golly Dr. Thorndyke, it's sure been quiet around the asylum lately, huh?"  Nothing big has happened - no big cataclysm - nothing - YET!  Da-ta-DAHHHHHHHHHHH!
I know I disparage apparition claims and seers who have gardens popping out of their bosoms for no explicable reason, yet I like to read about such things - guilty pleasures, I suppose.  Some of these revelations may be true after all.  Nevertheless, "expect things that are sudden" sounds more like a general horoscope reading than anything more than a hunch.  I expect things that are sudden all of the time, and nothing happens.
Nevertheless, I'm with Michael - something is going to happen - suddenly.  Just watch.  (You think I'm kidding - but I'm not.  BTW - I have no special knowledge about this.  I just feel it.)


  1. Well, here's something unexpected: I haven't posted anything yet today, and you did! Whoa!

    I've got a post coming on how an End Times Prophecy blog - who has me on his blogroll for some reason - is concerned that Arbp. Chaput could be a harbinger for the False Prophet, the New World Order, the Rapture and alien invasions. I know!

  2. Yeah, I agree, and I feel it too.

    This people are often like everyone else - though these seers would like for you to believe themselves to be more "high brow" than alien abductions and NWO crap which BTW I'm so sick of hearing about - yeah, so they wanna enslave us and rule the planet, big deal, you and about a million other people, so shut up already.

    But.... statistically speaking some of those conspiracy, NWO, and Elvis sitings ;) have to be true. -One outta a hundred.

    As I tell my blog administrator, statistically I cant be wrong 100% of the time, sometimes it has to be you by default- He says I'm wrong.

  3. These people, not this people. oops.

  4. Larry - pull yourself together!

  5. Sorry, Terry - you know how it is when you find out that something you thought was true for so long, and it turns out it was all a big fat lie...

    ...well, my post is nothing like that, but it is about an End Times sola scriptura blogger who thinks Chaput is part of the NWO.

  6. Rory McGinn3:15 PM

    The cause of the beatification of Maria Esperanza -- she of the blooming rose -- is underway in New Jersey, where she died. I believe she has been declared "Servant of God." The apparitions she was associated with in Betania have been accepted by the bishop. Now, why God would chose such dramatic imagery is beyond me, but I don't think that visionary can be dismissed off the cuff.

    (Much of what Michael Brown promotes these days, however, must be taken with a grain of salt.)


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