Thursday, September 02, 2010

Our Lady of Hermits

Art credit.


  1. Terry: why all the negativity toward some religious lately? I recognize that you were deeply moved by the hermit video. I was, too. That man sounds like a saint. It was amazing.

    But at the same time: should we really be bashing religious because they have more contact with the world? They're still living out vows and for most of them, they're orthodox, God-loving, Church-upholding men and women on the front lines of the prayer war against the Enemy.

    I agree that we could use more Dicalced Carmelites and western Anchorites, but I would encourage you to also appreciate the radical witness that even the most worldly of the orthodox (small "O") (note the qualifier) religious.

    Generally love your blog, though.

  2. On another note, I was going to ask *archly*, "Is this the 'hermeneutic of continuity'?:<)!LOL!

  3. Terry, nice image. I think I'll download it and use it as wallpaper on my iPhone.

    I didn't think it but I really love my iPhone (gifted to me, that's one reasons to love it). I have the complete LOTH on it, ipieta provides a massive amount of content including Church docs from past to present, innumerable prayers & devotions, just got the EF Mass (so I can learn it), I have the complete library of St. Josemariam, the complete RSV-CE, even the new Ignatius RSV-CE 2n Catholic Edition Study Bible (NT) and even iConfess with examins, prayers, & a way of tracking things for regular Confession. The reading apps allow me to download loads of free classic Catholic books and I do that.

    The thing I use my iPhone for least is phoning. I hardly ever make calls or text. I have but one 'game' and no silly apps. It's really a tool for spiritual formation, for me.

    Very limitedly I use it for social networking & news reading. I also love the GPS on it for when I am bicycling in the county. If there ever is an Our Lady of the iPhone designation I will welcome her patronage.

  4. Gee, what a drag. I thought this was something you created but it comes from boing boing via

    Seems like something you'd do - when not painting canvases black

  5. Owen - I did think of doing a painting like this however. Maybe still.

  6. My apologies Diezba - I don't mean to come off so negative.

  7. Terry: You're not being all;
    we all need a good "shake up" now and again...
    Religious better get some tougher skin or they're gonna go "down"!
    And for the laity: please don't think that any of this is being "negative" part and parcel of religious life; of any committed Christian vocation (marriage, esp), you know that you need to do some "reckoning" now and again; that you need to be called to task...
    that's all this is.
    Am I correct, Mr. Terry?

  8. You are correct Father.

  9. I don't see an app for the breviary on that iPhone.

  10. "My apologies Diezba - I don't mean to come off so negative."

    hahahahahahaha I can't stop laughing. hahahaha
    Okay, Maybe you could PAINT 5 things that bring you joy. Let's see, you could have Pat Sajack doing some charity work or chit chatting with our Holy Father. Maybe you could paint him with carpel tunnel or tennis elbow from a round of nasty spins- Awwww..

    Oh my gosh, have the perfect idea! You can paint Mr.Sajack
    resisting the temptations of the devil!

    I will help you with another brilliant idea in joy management tomorrow. :)

    Remember back in the olden days when you told me to snap out of it?

  11. On a related note, have I missed them or are there no good Catholic apps. for the i-Phone? :0)

  12. @Tom in Vegas I mentioned a number of the ones I use in my comment above. There are many. Some better than others.

    There is review, from jan 2010, already outdated and this more current one

    both miss the Liber Usualis iPhone App a favourite of more traditional Catholics

    PS: the word verification on this one is hilarious "balem"


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