Sunday, August 29, 2010


The soul cannot know peace unless he prays for his enemies. The soul that has learned of God's grace to pray, feels love and compassion for every created thing, and in particular for mankind, for whom the Lord suffered on the Cross, and His soul was heavy for every one of us.


  1. Fr. - isn't this video beautiful? I love this little priest.

  2. i find it easy to pray for far away enemies, like muslims persecuting christians around the world. it's much more difficult for me to pray for my enemies in the cubefarm at work, but no less important. i've been finding my 'enemies' are of my own creation; usually if they injure my pride or inflict humiliations that i have hard time benefitting from or being thankful for.

  3. Yes, Terry, I wish I could have him as my "spiritual father"!
    I've been reading and re-reading a book about Sr. Nazarena of Jesus, an anchorite in the Camaldolese convent in Rome (she died in 1988). Beautiful!
    She is a true witness to "God alone" and the wisdom of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, which this video shows us.
    May we learn the simplicity of loving the Lord above all; living in His awesome Presence, day and night; loving our brothers and sisters with a pure, forgiving and accepting heart.
    I'm verklumpted:<)!

  4. I have that bok too - she had a very unusual vocation - as in the way she was called, don't you think?

  5. Anonymous10:08 PM

    I love him! He reminds me of my late father in law, God rest his soul. Thanks for posting this, Terry.

  6. Reminds me of the guy on Rice Street.


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