Saturday, September 04, 2010


Good night Poodle!


  1. Poor little Poodle.

    You know, Toby doesn't let himself be shaved. We tried once and he had a seizure from the tantrum he threw.

  2. Good reminder...the Shelty needs a "Shelty make-over day"...trim, bath, toe nail clip...
    She really does stink;
    and the nails...I can't attempt to even try to cut those "things"...she's got mostly black ones and I can't take, they have to "knock her out" because she's rather "snippy"...
    TMI, I know; just "sharing" here:<)!
    Wish she was as good as the doggie in this video;
    she's a real beoootch at the vets (I'm so embarassed!).

  3. I am still fuming over our last trip to the vets' to have our golden bathed, simply bathed. (He's the size of a small pony.) When I went in to pick him up, the receptionist said the bill was a whopping $129.
    They said there had been "a small problem". In his haste to exit the tub, Atticus had bypassed the ramp by jumping out and had somehow snagged a nail. Blood was involved and one of the vets had to be summoned. Hence the bill for unforeseen medical expenses.
    I argued that had the dog been properly escorted from the tub this would not have happened.
    They didn't budge from their position and since half the population of my small community was sitting in the waiting room listening with rapt attention, I caved in and piad the full bill, and took the clean, but now limping, Atticus home.

  4. Julie - that's terrible - I think they should have absorbed the cost since it was their responsibility to care properly for the dog. They are the 'professionals'. They should just be grateful you did not sue them.

  5. Julie: That sucks...I do "feel" your pain...
    I'm avoiding a vet visit with said Shelty; she's such a pain.
    But we love her so very much!

  6. Terry and Father:
    Thanks. Atticus is a goofball, but he tends to forgive people a lot easier than I do.


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