Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Easter appearances...

"My lover put his hand through the opening;
my heart trembled within me,
and I grew faint when he spoke..." - Songs 5:4
I wish everyone could experience the presence of the risen Christ in a tangible way this Easter.  I'm convinced this is what the devotion to the Divine Mercy accomplishes in a marvelous manner, either through the image, the prayers - especially the chaplet, or confession, culminating of course in the Holy Eucharist, the reception of which plunges us into the most intimate union with Jesus.  Just as with the disciples, the risen Christ opens our minds to understand the Scriptures which speak of him, and the work of Divine Mercy - which has been at work in the Church since the beginning.  He penetrates through every boundary and obstacle we set up, just as he entered through the locked doors of the room where the disciples were assembled.
Art: Ethiopian Icons Through the Centuries
Top left: Anastasis (Resurrection), Top right: Crucifixion, Lower left: Joachim and Anna (?) 
Editor's note:  The attribution of Joachim and Anna is a mistake - not uncommon amongst antiquarian, museum, or collector sites - many today do not know the works they exhibit.  Rather than Joachim and Anna, the image clearly shows the Risen Christ appearing to his Mother, Our Lady Regina Coeli.  This is obvious by the clothing of Our Lady - which matches that of her depiction in the Crucifixion scene, as well as by the cruciform nimbus of the Lord, his resplendant robes, and evidence of his wounds on the hand that grasps Our Lady's... "My lover put his hand through the opening..."


  1. Thanks, Terry, for putting up these Ethiopian icons; I really love this style: its simplicity, the bright colors, the almost "primitive" technique.
    And your commentary is just wonderful.
    I'm not just being "effusive"...great points for meditation.

  2. Oh, my, is that quote REALLY in the Bible!? Ohhhhhh! What a beautiful post :)

  3. I like the icons, too. Are they shown actual size here? They look like they could be miniatures; I love "minis".

  4. Melody - I do believe these are small 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 - these are still reproduced by Ethiopians in the primitive style.

    Father I love the simplicity as well - from what I understand the Jesuits revived the iconography in a forget what century - and the Madonna is frequently based upon prints of the icon at St. Mary Major in Rome - I had a book but I gave it to an Ethiopian Hieromonk.

    Tara - you must read the Song of Songs - before the Blessed Sacrament if possible... leaning upon the tabernacle if you can - well, maybe not. ;)


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