Sunday, April 04, 2010

Stalking the Great Easter Fire

Funny thing is, Father Erik never even noticed me there...  Oh - I have more photos - I have more!  Insane laughter...
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  1. You were there! I saw you, and tried to get a picture of you too--but you were too fast for me--you kept ditching in and out and around all the people--just wait till next year :)

  2. Terry--where DID you get the picture??? I know it's not one of mine!!! You must have been there!

  3. Miss Tara!
    You mean like a REAL photo of Mr.Nelson? Do they exist? I thought he was like a Sasquatch, you know, you hear rumors that they exist but you never really know for sure.

    If no one is around and a Sasquatch falls in the forest do they make a sound?

    I just stopped over to wish the real Mr.Terry ... A very happy Easter. God bless you Missar "T"

  4. Aceman6:14 PM

    Happy Easter T-man! Hope that bunny brought you lots of chocolate! ;-)


    PS. nice hat, BTW...

  5. belinda: At least Mr. Terry doesn't put his dog in a monk's hood like this pathetic monastic priest does! (It's all for the "awwww effect", I admit:<)!
    That is one, well, big fire...last night, at the local parish where we went for the Triduum, I regularly winced as the priest was like micro-inches from becoming "The Living Flame of Love", if ya know whatta I mean! Thanks be to God, we got into Church with no 911 calls...priests...what can you do?:<)! Some of 'em just LOOOVE that fire! (Like little boys, I guess...that's okay...)

  6. Off topic--but kinda referencing a previous discussion on art appreciation..

    The schoolkids in Smithfield, Utah (kinda out in the sticks..) replicated Van Gogh's "Starry Night" in breakfast cereal...

    Mr Van Gogh is probably spinning in his grave...yeesh..


  7. The Living Flame of Love? Father that's so funny! hahaha

    I understand about fire. My husband is a fireman. Watch the ears they burn easy. OOOOOOOhhh!

  8. Austringer7:37 PM

    That's ine way to entice boys into becoming altar servers -- let them know that they'll get to mess with FIRE!

    Just stopped by to wish you Happy Easter, Terry!

    Belinda, I've met the real Terry, and no photo can do him justice, which is why they don't exist. Imagine Harrison Ford, but somewhat more muscular and with a more manly jawline -- thicker hair, too.

  9. Austringer7:40 PM


    Van Gogh wouldn't have minded -- he was nuts. In most professions that's considered a drawback, but that has become a reputation enhancer in the visual arts (Well, as of about 100 years ago. Prior to that, being nuts was a drawback for the arts too.)

  10. Maria8:41 PM

    Austringer--Oh my...

    Hey Padre--You can stop praying. I got a job!!!

  11. Maria: Praise the Lord! (Or Deo gratias!)

  12. Austy, are you sure?

    Terry once wrote that he was bald from his forehead all the way back to his neck.

    *I remembered because it was so funny.

  13. Belinda - I was lying.

    Austringer, thanks for coming to my defense.

  14. Harrison Ford...are we talking the uber-hot HF of the early Indiana Jones movies, or the uber-creaky HF of the Crystal Skull fiasco..


  15. Austringer11:36 PM


    Hey, would I lie to you? Terry's comment about his hairline was no doubt made in his usual spirit of self-deprecating humor. He is so humble...a virtue I would do well to emulate.

    Sara, we're talkin' Raiders of the Lost Ark. I kid you not.

  16. Watching 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' will no longer be the same now...

  17. Hey--at least someone got the looks.. I mostly resemble a blonde Chloe from "24"...



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