Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Please pray for the coal miners in West Virginia.

MONTCOAL, W.Va. -- Rescuers at the site of the worst U.S. coal-mining disaster in more than two decades likely won't be able to resume the search for four missing miners until at least Wednesday evening, officials said this afternoon.
"I just don't think there is much hope held out at all [with the families]," McGraw said. "They made it clear to the families that it is not a good situation in there and probably not survivable." - Source


  1. Don Blankenship and Massey will, someday, answer for this. Until then, we pray.

  2. Yes, prayers, absolutely.
    Dear God, how awful.
    Condolences to all!

  3. Prayers for them all; I feel so badly for those people and their families.

  4. Maria8:32 PM

    I pray for the deceased and families on the way to work...Have you ever noticed how so many humble,working folks face tragedy with the most extraordinary bravery and faith?


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