Friday, April 09, 2010

On anger.

Whatever the reason for the passion of anger arising, it blinds the eyes of the mind, and puts a pernicious beam into the faculty of sight like a dangerous cataract, blocking the light of the sun of justice. - Institutes, Chapter 6
Keeping the uncertain state of man ever before our eyes, let us believe ourselves daily to be on the point of death, and know that we would profit nothing from pure chastity, the renunciation of all our property, the contempt of riches, fasting or vigils, for the Universal Judge has promised eternal punishment simply for wrath and hatred alone. - Institutes, Chapter 22
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  1. It has taken almost 25 yrs of religous/monastic life to understand and live what you are saying here;
    it is not my doing, at all; it is all Jesus.
    Anger and contempt are horrid poisons for the soul; they touch the deepest regions of our interior life.
    Even impurity doesn't do what anger and hatred and contempt of another can do.
    I learned that well in moral theology in the seminary from a fine Dominican: the sins of malice reach deeper into the soul because the will is more involved; sins of passion are of a lesser nature because we are weak; repentance is always more available with sins of passion. Sins in the will are much more difficult to eradicate.
    Reject all sins of malice! They will eat you alive.

  2. I will be leaving shortly for Carmelite retreat (silent retreat) for this weekend....the conversations here have given me much food for thought...

    I'll ask my retreat master about the marriage thing :)

    I will pray for all of you and your intentions...

    God Bless... Sara

  3. Sara: I'm jealous...a silent, Carmelite retreat...even here we have to "get away"!
    Thanks for your promise of prayers...
    I need them, especially.
    God bless.

  4. Anger, hatred, bitterness can and will kill the spirt and forever damage the heart aches for those who carry these emotions heavily not knowing how prayer and forgiveness could/would lighten their load.......:-) Hugs

  5. That is a frightening statement - particularly for those of us with Irish temperament. Lord have mercy on a poor sinner!

  6. Daniel: And for those of us who are Irish, we know that resentment and anger can last for many decades. Some resentments succeed generations. LOL. I know, I have had them. I have also been set free of crippling anger and resentment that nearly killed me. Nothing so convinced me of His Love as this new freedom from ire.

  7. Speaking of Irish temperament (I am part Irish, but I'm afraid I got the "anger genes"<)!), I'm reminded of this joke:
    What is Irish Alzheimer's?
    Only remembering your grudges!
    (drum roll!)

  8. Maria5:25 PM

    LOL--Aint it the truth??

  9. Hey--guess what??

    I found a photo of Terry..moonlighting in Salt Lake City..


    I'm a quarter Irish--bad genes--got the temper.. good genes-- navy blue eyes and no problem holding my liquor.. :)


  10. Sara: you lucky, gal, you!
    The blue eyes and temper are a prerequisite (although I hear green eyes have a real favor, here!)
    As for holding your liquor...that can be a good thing or a bad thing...
    (kinda like in the "Wizard of Oz", "are you a good witch or a bad witch"?...this has no reference to gender here); ROCK ON!

  11. Ms. Sara: Now the word is out...looked up your reference.
    Mr. Terry is gonna have all kinds of everything to deal with...naughty girl:<)!

  12. Sara--Ha. Do you think Terry will soon be appropriating Mr. Burger's photo? No problem holding your liquor? Wow. Myself? Red hair,blue eyes and total inability to hold my liquor. Let us just say I now live a life of penance. Padre--how is the bar at the monastery?

  13. Maria: The bar is dry mostly..except for a feast or two...we just "hold on" and love the Lord! Mostly!

  14. Maria--

    No--Not Mr. Burger's photo...the OTHER one...of Mr. Christmas...

    Terry darling---PLEASE PLEASE forgive me if I thought you looked like Mr Burger.. :)

    That's what happens when I'm trying to type fast on a break...I didn't make myself very clear.. :)

    How was the first week of work??


  15. Father - you'll never be banned.

    Sara - the photo is funny.


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