Monday, March 01, 2010

Nothing to say.

I went your way ten years ago
and I've got nothing to say.
Nothing to say. - Jethro Tull
I feel as if I'm just repeating myself - I keep posting the same things, falling into the same traps and then getting angry at myself because I really have nothing new to add to what I have said already.
I'll keep posting, if only to get my art out there - perhaps my art will say what I can't.
Art: "Above the Narrows" - Andrew Wyeth.  (The title says it all.)


  1. What's wrong with repeating things? Truth doesn't change and sometimes people need to hear it in different ways. Kids in school study the same subjects over and over every year just increasing the depth of penetration into it. I have a feeling you could spend your whole life focusing on the glory of God shown in a snowflake.

    I enjoy your blog.

  2. "Nothing to Say."

    But that's twice you've said this. Isn't that saying something? :0)

    Since I proposed to you on an earlier post that instead of you being at a loss for words, words were at a loss for you, why don't you stay in one place so they can find you? Just today I ran into three nouns, a verb, two propositions and a very strange conjunction asking me if I had seen you. I was honest about it so I said no.

    Just be calm, my friend, for the right words to your next post are out there looking for you.

    Now, is this comment not the strangest thing you've ever heard? :0)

  3. Terry: Just like a beautiful symphony continually uses the same notes of the scale, one never tires of hearing beautiful music.

    all your posts are beneficial and for me very helpful because many times they present something in a new light in a way I perhaps never considered. You always say something that I always need to hear.


  4. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Please continue your writing and reflections. You always have something to say that is very beneficial for me!

  5. Thanks everyone - thanks Ray.

  6. I like when you repeat things.

  7. +JMJ+

    I'd rather read your nothings, Terry, than other people's somethings.

  8. You are all too kind - and Tom is very funny!

  9. Isn't that what Art is? Speaking from the soul without words. Seems to me that you've spoken volumes without even opening your mouth. A blessing and a gift from a gracious God. May His peace be with you :)


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