Monday, March 01, 2010

March is the month of St. Joseph

What I'm up to.
I'm working on my own version of a Cuzco-style retablo of St. Joseph and the Child Jesus - hopefully I will finish it tomorrow.  I'm not sure I like it, it is certainly not as nice as the one shown here - I will title it St. Joseph, Protector of Carmel, with the Infant Jesus
Art:  San José con niño (Saint Joseph with the child) Anonymous Cuzco's School Oil on canvas 18th Century


  1. I love the Cuzqueñan school! (I was in Cuzco for 5 weeks). Best wishes!

  2. Maria3:20 PM

    How dear. I am amzed at how quickly you are able to finish what are always such magnificent pieces. Look forward to seeing it...

  3. Fr. Dismas - my piece will not hold a candle to the one shown here.

    Maria thanks - it di come along quickly - but it shows - wait and see.


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