Saturday, March 06, 2010

The Abdication of King Juan Carlos of Spain.

The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, has signed a bill into law legalizing abortion on demand for the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy.  The law, which was recently passed by the Spanish Congress and Senate, also declares abortion as a "right," allows minors as young as 16 to obtain abortions without their parents' consent, and requires abortionist and homosexualist education in the nation's schools. - Source
The blood of the martyrs of the Spanish Civil War cries out for justice.
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  1. I'm not sure if I can muster the words to express my extreme disappointment over this callous act. The king and his president, as far as I'm concerned, are interchangeable.

  2. Oh, and this comes as news of Pope Benedict's visit to Spain is announced!

    What kind of culture enthusiastically receives the Pontiff before the ink on a newly signed law that kills unborn children is completely dry?

    "Spain Rejoices In News of Papal Visit" (title of Zenit article)

  3. This is so useful in eliminating the genetically unfit. Already perhaps 9 out of 10 people with Down Syndrome are never born in the US - I do not know the figures for Europe, but I am thinking this would be a common reason for abortion.

    The day will be here, you know, when we will be able to look at a good many mental illnesses genetically with some accuracy, and so be able to eliminate any number of people (at an early stage) that would be bipolar or have schizophrenia - or chronic depression.

    And who knows what other "traits" we will be able to select for.

    Old, young, and in-between. So many not deserving of life.

    Events proceed apace.

  4. The abdication of protection of all human life is the source of the "apostasy"...I'm afraid that without God's help, we're in for a more "bumpy ride"(B. Davis).
    Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, help us now and always!


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