Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comment moderation.

It's back.  Some people really have issues I guess.


  1. I had comment moderation off for about 1/2 of a day. My troll had been absent for months. I take off moderation and within 4 hours the freak was back. Do you thing a person who is approaching their 65th birthday should be called a c*nt?? Just wondering!

  2. Of course not! I do not think a woman should ever be referred to like that. I hate that word - it's like the 'F' word to me.

    People are nuts.

  3. I may have to enable moderating too. A woman has been leaving novel-sized comments on a post, demanding for a debate, and cutting and pasting other posts of mine into the combox.

    She got offended when I suggested she might be obsessed about the issue - and that was about 30+ comments earlier. I seem to have pegged it.

    And you're right, Terry - people ARE nuts. Some of them have blogs, even! hahahaha

  4. Just yesterday I was speaking to Paul about the kind of comments people leave.
    Something has to be done about the XX rated comments over on YouTube. Kids are reading this stuff and It distresses me.

    I understand sometimes people don't feel well and they wanna talk but it's the stuff they're saying that blows my mind.

    I'm sorry someone said that to you Adrienne... Someone else keeps sending me porn from Asia. AND some freakoid calls my house on ocassion and asks to meet me places. My blog administrator is not amused.

    I think computers are facilitating our demise.

  5. +JMJ+

    I'm "lucky" that most of the unbalanced reactions I get come to me through private e-mails rather than blog comments. The couple I did get on the blog certainly made me reconsider comment moderation, though!

  6. Anonymous2:42 PM

    Adrienne, how awful! There needs to be a way of blocking certain IP addresses from commenting on--or even accessing!--one's blog.

    Belinda, did this creep who is calling you at home first learn of you from your blog?

    This is why I quit blogging. I got a wake-up call when an old employer of mine was able to identify me through my blog, and so got in touch with me. It was great that he was able to get in touch with me, I am happy for it; but what freaked me out was thinking how some of the trolls and stalkers might be able to locate me just as easily.

    And I thought I was being so cryptic about my identity on my blog -- ha!

    Love and prayers,

  7. Miss Georgette, he's invited me to meet up with him at the local movie theater (through texting) and he has told me that he needed to speak with me - in an automated voice. He called and played a song for me a few days ago. It's someone who lives in my world and knows our schedule. He will encounter unbelievable wrath from "moi" if he's trying to contact one of my kids. I have his phone number but he doesn't answer it yet he hasn't threatened me directly. I took any resemblance of my childrens photos off of my blog.

    Face book has brought harm to my marriage because my brother unknowling accepeted people who were interested in locating me. My husbands feelings were deeply hurt and now I have to constantly reassure him that he's the only one for me always will be.....

    The grass IS greener on my side of the fence but I want people to stay outta my yard.

  8. When the antichrist takes control we will all pay for blogs where we've writted about Christ and his church. The less than brilliant bloggers will suffer like equals with the gifted ones.

  9. I think I'll leave it open now - otherwise it inhibits discussion.


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