Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Global warming...

Oh it's real all right!
Get this!  It is over 40 dgrees and the snow is melting like crazy today - in Minnesota.  I was standing right outside in the sun and it was really warm!  So don't try to tell me Global warming is a myth.  No siree Bob!


  1. Austringer3:32 PM

    Terry. get a grip on yourself. This is a localized phenomenon known as "Spring". It will be followed by even higher temperatures, but don't let that alarm you: it's all quite natural, and global warming is still quite phony.

  2. Yeah, hear there is going to be freezing rain on Saturday ... go figure ... they-as-in-them are playing with y'ur head Master T ....

  3. Terry,
    Stay away from the KoolAid.

  4. If you would move closer to the Gulf, this experience could be yours ALL WINTER.

    Before seeing pictures of your garden, I didn't know you guys even had plants up there in the arctic waste.

    I'm not being smug. Well, not much.

  5. Be careful! Melting snow comes with flooding.

  6. Shhhh!! We don't want Algore to know!!

  7. It's hot here in N.H., too! 38 degrees and rising ;)

  8. Terry,

    Reminds me of a line from the movie Tommy Boy.

    David Spade says: "Are you picking up on my sarcasm? Good. Cause I'm laying it on pretttty thick."



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