Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Matt Talbot

A couple of weeks ago I came across some photo transparencies of a few of my earlier "icons". I decided to have a couple of prints made - shown above is a panel I painted depicting the Venerable Matt Talbot.
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  1. Anonymous7:36 AM

    Terry - I like this very much, particularly the image of Our Lady over Blessed Matt's shoulder. He had such a difficult life, and yet from what I read of him, he was so patient with the shortcomings of others. I think you captured him beautifully.

    Easter blessings to you - Susan from Akron

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Beautiful picture, Terry!
    Happy Easter to you.
    Are you going to sell prints?

  3. David9:30 AM

    BEAUTIFUL. Is this one available a a print or am I misunderstanding your post? I have a ministry with 12 Step Recovery and would LOVE to be able to use something like this. There is a huge need for devotion to a guy like Matt, Terry. You might want to think about printing holy cards with an intercessory prayer on back? Just a thought man.

  4. Quite beautiful. Your style shows through clearly in these last few images you've been sharing.

  5. Thanks everyone - I would love to print these, but it is expensive. About 8 years ago I contacted Bridge Building the company which printed some of my other work - but they were not interested in Matt. I called again today and they are still not interested.

    The original is in a private collection and all I have are transparencies and a negative, and one or two prints. My scan here isn't very good.

  6. Are your work with Bridge Building still available? If so, could I have the titles?

  7. David - Yes they are. You can find them on their site under my name terrance nelson. I have John XXII, Francis, Claare, Pio, and Our Lady of the Sign - I think that is all.

    Email me you address and I'll make a print of Matt for you.

  8. I've liked your icons so much! This one in particular.

    I don't know much about Trinty Stores, but I often go to thier website to look at their art. Maybe they would be interested:


  9. David3:42 PM

    Also Bl. Francisco and Jacinta. Terry, you are so blessed with the gift of art. I have told you before that I am artist but my work utterly pales in the presence of yours. I mean that sincerely. I think I might pick up that St. Clare of yours for a neice of mine by the same name. Wish I would have known about it when I stood up as her sponsor!

  10. Hey, I just blogged about Matt Talbot? Coincidence? Are you stalking me again?

  11. Cath - I'm right outside your house.

    David - thanks - you are too kind. Send me your address via my email and I'll send you a holy card.

  12. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Terry, Question about your Matt Talbot: did you ever consider painting him holding the chains that he wore?

  13. I never thought of it - but it isn't a bad idea - perhaps I should do another image of him.

  14. Anonymous8:04 AM

    I came back to see him today---this is my favorite of your paintings!


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