Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Homeland Security sending out warnings on right wing conspirators.

The re-emergence of that "vast right wing conspiracy".

"Right-wing extremists in the United States are using economic worries and the election of the first black US president as recruiting tools, the US government warns in a new report. Fears of possible new restrictions on firearms, as well as troubled veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, "could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks," warned the US Department of Homeland Security." - Source
Adrienne, Catholic Caveman, Cathy, Digi, Fr. Erik, along with many other Catholic bloggers are probably on their watch list. (The Homeland Security warning suggests anti-abortion activists are potential single-issue radicals.)


  1. My golly, I wasn't aware I am to look over my left & right shoulders these days! I beginning to wonder if I can trust that face in the mirror in the morn'g too? My dog is beginning to look a bit creepy and untrustworthy ... for that matter ... that gas attendant down the road doesn't look right, nor sound like straight-shooter either. And, I could say a few things about that young gal at the cash register at the drug store with all those piercings. She seemed mighty fidgety the last time I was in the store. I notice too there seems to be a few extra traffic cameras installed at that intersection down the road after its reconstruction these past few months. There has been a gathering of Grandmas at that intersection every Wednesday afternoon ... pretending to be heading to the Starbucks, no doubt ... And, they thought they had the town father's fooled ... ha! But I think I might be a bit paranoid due to the medication that my doctor insisted I take daily, but I have been sharing half with the mutt ... he is such a beggar ... so Terry do ya think US Government has a good handle on this group of terrorist or what? Gotta go, someone is knocking on the back door and there seems to be a black Helicopter hovering outside my window for some reason ... the guys inside it seems to be waving to me ...

  2. *sniff sniff* I was called a "fanatical uber-religious zealot" the other day - but not a right wing extremist. I'm ashamed that I didn't make the cut.

  3. Anonymous6:48 AM

    Watched "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson and "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith over Easter break--both made in the late 90's.
    The premises of the movies are (eerily) quite realistic today.

  4. Ignorant Redneck brought this up today too. I heard it on the news this morning. Ridiculous. I think I'll laugh really hard if these "right wing extremists" end up saving everyone's butt. If anyone really can turn us around on this slippery slope...

  5. Larry - I forgot about you - you are probably public enemy #1 - LOL!

    Paula - The water meter - they listen in through the water meter. ;)

    SF - Those were documentaries. ;)

    Seeker - I'll check Redneck out - I'm sure they will be coming for him soon too. ;)

  6. This is old news to us christians.

    These bloggers know that at some point they will be removed one way or another.(and don't forget about Leo, who can think circles around those Govn't people.)
    Odd thing is that these blogger people are people of peace - the Prince of Peace ,and they wouldn't hurt anybody ,but once their voices are silenced that's when evil will have no restraint.

    We know that this will all come to pass. We just know. So if your worried about your neck so to speak you better stop blogging...yesterday.

  7. Anonymous9:54 AM

    T — I just ran outside and smashed it with a hammer ... I feel better now.

  8. Belinda - nothing bothers me since my alien abduction episode...

  9. Anonymous - Yeah, but what about the TV converter box? ;)

  10. Gosh Terry I hope that those aliens didn't chip you. I heard those experiences can be quite painful. Your vaccines were up to date right?? Oh my , right???
    Have you checked to make sure that they didn't remove anything. Do you still have all of your toes? Let's hope to God they didn't clone you. How much can God take? :)

  11. Terry - "blue" light or "white/yellow" light ...? I hear the "blue" light abductions are not pleasant ....!

    "...We had only gone about a mile along the road when a very strange thing happened which made us stop the car on the hard shoulder.

    A blue circle of light with a hollow centre about 2in across and tinged with white entered the car, believe it or not, via the closed passenger window..." source:

    "The aliens remove you from your normal environment ...You feel paralyzed. You feel obedient and compelled to follow instructions and follow the aliens. Sometimes, some have reported, while in the stunned stasis, you are levitated out of your normal environment and go floating off in a beam of blue light ..." source:

    don't worry about me, it is the medication ... at least that is what I tell people ... (smile)

    I am almost compelled to quote David Icke's Washington DC Reptilian theory at this point...

    Terry, thank you for the news posting ... gotta get back to the taxes ...

  12. Proud to be on the list!!

  13. My opinion - Terry got the
    "blue light special."


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