Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sacred Triduum

News blackout.
I'll be offline. Despite the fact there is astonishing news out there, and much one could comment on: The atmosphere is much the same as it was in Jerusalem so many centuries ago, when Christ was betrayed and denied, mocked and scorned, and then crucified amidst so much clamor.
"Take warning from the example of Lot's wife who, because she was disturbed at the destruction of Sodom, and all of those perishing, turned back to look. God punished her for this, and she was 'turned into a pillar of salt' (Genesis 19.26). This teaches you that it is the will of God, even if you were living among devils, you should so live as not to turn back in thought to consider what they are doing, but forget them utterly. You are to keep your soul wholly to God, and not to suffer the thought of this or that to disturb you." - John of the Cross