Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuff I did not know.

At least I thought I didn't.
The Tea Party thing - no one invited me. I just heard about it this evening.
I knew of course that Janet Napolitano and Homeland Security was fingering us for terrorists - imagine her playing the race card to support her claims - citing a black president. She's just trying to start trouble. Homeland Security probably doesn't play by the rules either - I bet they can do lots of stuff other law enforcement can't.
I do not know who Susan Boyle is - but from the looks of her, I'd say she is Irish descent.


  1. I'm with you, Terry, to an extent, but I wonder where the spasms were when Homeland Security illegally monitored mosques- places of worship?

    You had a post a month or two ago about the old "when they came for the ____, I said nothing, and when they came for me...."

    Seems applicable.


  2. Anonymous9:19 PM


    I think Susan hails from Scotland.

    Easter Blessing to you and all your readers.


  3. Katie - yes she does - I found that out. She is a wonderful talent. I just like to play with an Irish friend of mine...

  4. Ter: No one invited me to the TEA Party either. That's ok. I wouldn't have liked it if you weren't there anyway.

  5. Cath - I don't think I have ever participated in any sort of protest ever - Oh, wait, I did picket KARE 11 TV after Third Rock From The Sun got cancelled. The Government forced the series off the air to cover up the fact that aliens live amongst us - which is another reason why I get so mad when people say Obama is black.


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