Friday, April 17, 2009

Lovely Lady

Susan Boyle
I finally saw the Youtube videos, including interviews with her. She is a fine talent and a very lovely person, a simple and pure soul.
I apologize that I mistook her as being of Irish-descent. ;)


  1. I cried when I watched the video the other day.......
    the song of a spinster virgin, cuts to the heart....
    They said on the morning shows that men are trying to get her number now.....may God keep her safe from evil designs. I really mean that.

  2. That last note was from me, Susan, sf. It might appear under my daughter's account...

  3. Anne - I agree - I've been praying for her that the Devil doesn't spoil her - seriously. She seems to me to be a beautiful soul, and that beauty radiates.

  4. It bothered me no end that everyone expected her to sing badly because she wasn't beautiful by their standards. Shows you how ugly the audience really is.

  5. Angela - you nailed it - her simplicity and beauty condemns me and those who expected something less from her; those of us who laugh at the 'others' who appear to be less sophisticated and more homely. I believe that is why so many of us were moved to tears by her talent and candor, her authenticity won our jaded hearts. I think she has been a gift of Divine Mercy to the world in that respect. I pray nothing will spoil that for her, and for those whom she won over.

  6. YouTube - Susan Boyle - Singer - Britains Got Talent 2009 (With Lyrics)

    CNS STORY: Priest not surprised by Scottish woman's performance on British TV

    " ... Her fame spread on the Internet, and in just five days she had attracted more than 15 million YouTube viewings of her rendition ....

    Part of Boyle's attraction is that she appears to be such an unlikely candidate for stardom. She said on TV that she has "never been kissed" and has lived alone with her cat since her mother died in 2007.

    According to British media, she has learning disabilities as a result of being starved of oxygen at birth. She is unemployed and, as a churchgoing Catholic, her social life revolves around her family and her parish of Our Lady of Lourdes. ...

    Father Clark said, "When she gets up to sing it can either be wonderful or you can get the unpredictable eccentric behavior, but it is to do with the fact that she has learning difficulties.

    "In a sense, there is a beautiful voice trapped in this damaged body," he said. "It is an absolute contrast. There she was on television acting very peculiarly and the audience was expecting peculiar things to happen and then a voice of an angel comes out -- and that's Susan."

    Father Clark said that local people who knew Boyle, the youngest of nine children of a family descended from Irish migrants, were "enormously proud of her and wish her the best but they are aware of the risks she is running," adding that her behavior has previously drawn cruel taunts from children.

    "People are slightly worried about what might happen after this bout of fame," he explained.

    "I am quite worried for her," he added. "I think it's great at one level. It might just be the thing that will make her, but she is a very vulnerable person and it could be quite difficult.

    "It is a great opportunity for her and as far as I am concerned she should make the best of it, and if it lasts, it lasts, and if it doesn't, then it's still more than almost any one of us will ever achieve," he added. "It is important in sustaining her and making sure this is all a very, very beneficial experience."

  7. Is it just me, but I thought she looked normal.

    Most of the time I don't see people all that Gorgeous in everyday life. For the most part it takes "a lot of money" as Dolly Parton says. And, when I try to get a little polished it seems to require a lot of work.

    I too am glad that it seems so many have a sweet appreciation for her. I bet she could be overwhelmed with the attention. I am glad that we all seem to be praying for her. God keep her safe!

    I rarely buy music. I think the last one I bought was ABBAs greatest hits for my dh for his birthday. Before that Queens Greatest Hits. I'm not kidding. But, I am waiting expectantly for this lady's first CD!

  8. Lola - I think that was it - she looked like a normal 47 year old woman who might sing in the choir and who dresses apropriately - sensible shoes, and so on. And that is why she at first looked out of place on stage.


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