Friday, April 17, 2009

Season 1 Episode 106-Dick's First Birthday Clip 2

Fr. Z and Vincenzo are doing posts on the best TV series ever, and I thought I'd post one of my favorite reality series, 3rd Rock.

Today I like The Office and 30 Rock docu-dramas.


  1. Eeeek!!! Your video is gone. No matter. I've seen all the episodes several times. It ranks right up there with Laugh In as making me laugh so hard I almost spit up.

  2. Crap - it was one of my favorite episodes too - Dick's squeaky pants.

    I wonder who requested to have it removed?

  3. Not me I yell at people in person , but I don't do covert snarky stuff. I will have to you tube it.
    The Munsters were my favorite, and also Andy Griffith.

    I didn't know that people had that much authority to remove stuff from blogs. I thought you had free speech.
    I had someone tag my my blog as objectionable material once. I was ranting about abortion.

    I've been watching the "flight of the concourds" over on you tube, and feeling sorry/ guilty about it . They are very wicked, but those boys are so funny. Maybe I'm laughing my way to hell. There I am being scrupulas again.

  4. I love the "History Detectives" !!


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