Sunday, April 06, 2008

Using the scanner...

I scanned these paintings from transparencies, which is why they are so dark, I also do not know how to work in photo shop - sorry.

Top: Spiritual Marriage of St. Rose. (4" x 5")
Middle: St. John Mascias. (5" x 7")
Bottom: St. Martin de Porres. (3" x 8")

All three Dominican saints from Lima, Peru. Painted in simple Spanish Colonial style on copper.


  1. Adoro9:48 PM

    Terry ~ There you go with the Dominicans!

    Seriously, all your art is so beautiful...I wish I could afford to commission something from you.

    If you have some little tiny trinket around your house...some kind of work...can I have it? (Yes, this is shameless begging...)

  2. georgette1:30 AM

    Gasp! These are incredible! The St Rose is my fav of this group!

  3. Your art is wonderful! I am really impressed!

  4. Thanks so much all of you. Now I'm very embarrassed.

  5. Anonymous7:43 PM

    God gives us all such extraordinary gifts. He (and His Mother!) can only be pleased with how you are using yours.

    Icons are my absolute favorite and I cannot stop looking at these. They are absolutely beautiful, Terry.


  6. Terry, there are two free programs that you might want to practice image editing techniques with.

    It will take you some practice and feel free to ask questions of me.

    Vincenzo no doubt uses the real photoshop. I used to have a copy, which is much better.


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