Sunday, April 06, 2008

My favorite Southwest style retablos...

Part of my "Santa Fe" Collection.
When the gallery I showed at in Santa Fe closed, I donated what hadn't sold to various churches and monasteries in New Mexico, rather than pay for the shipping on the return of my work.
Top two: Triptych of Our Lady of Guadalupe: Outside doors - St.s Francis and Clare. Interior doors - St.s Joseph, Felipe of Jesus; St. Juan Diego, Bl. Miquel Pro.
Third photo: Milagros Crucifix.
Last two: St. Paschal Baylon.


  1. Terry, I don't know if my first comments went through or not. If they did, please delete this one.

    Again, beautiful work. I love that crucifix! The Triptych of Our Lady with Bl. Miguel Pro is encapsulating.

    Here's what needs to happen. You need to tell all of us when your next exposition will be so we can attend:0)

  2. St. Paschal is perfect.

  3. Georgette1:32 AM

    Oh the Claire and Francis panels are fabulous! I love how you "aged" them!

  4. the crucifix is my favorite. beautiful, all of them!

  5. Im curious... how much would you something like that crucifix cost.

    I keep coming back just to look at it. It really is marvelous and contemplative.


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